Orfeón (Mexican record label)

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Founded1957 (1957)
FounderRogelio Azcárraga Madero
Country of originMexico
Official websiteorfeon.com.mx

Orfeón is a record label from Mexico, which has released many recordings for the Latin American market since at least the 1950s.[1] During the 1960s, the label signed American rockers Bill Haley & His Comets and the band had numerous regional hits on the label, most notably the partial instrumental "Florida Twist" and the Spanish-language "Twist Espanol". The label also sponsored a musical television series, Orfeón a Go-Go.

Orfeón was affiliated with the Dimsa label in the 1960s, releasing some material (including a number of Haley albums) under this label. Another major American act that recorded for the label was Big Joe Turner in 1966 (his recordings were backed by Haley's Comets and Turner performed one of the songs along with Haley and the Comets on an episode of Orfeón a Go-Go).

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  1. ^ D.A. Henriques dissertation: Performing Nationalism: Mariachi, Media and Transformation of a Tradition (1920--1942) 0549386165 2006 "In 1947, Baptista and Klinckwort parted ways and out of that split the label Musart was founded (Zolov 1999, 21). Musart would be an important label into the 1950s and in 1957 the Orfeón label was founded by Rogelio Azcárraga Madero, son son of Mexican media mogul Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta"

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