Workers' Revolutionary Organization (Spain)

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Workers' Revolutionary Organisation
Organización Revolucionaria de los Trabajadores
Secretary-General José Sanroma Aldea camarada Intxausti
Founded 1969 (1969)
Dissolved 1980 (1980)
Newspaper En Lucha
Youth wing Maoist Youth Union
Ideology Marxism-Leninism
Political position Radical Left
Trade union affiliation Sindicato Unitario (SU)
Town councillors (1979-1983)
141 / 67,505
(including UNAI)
Autonomic parliaments (1979-1983)
1 / 1,268
ORT sticker (1977).
ORT sticker supporting the Spanish constitution.

The Workers' Revolutionary Organisation (in Spanish: Organización Revolucionaria de los Trabajadores) was a Maoist communist organisation in Spain. The newspaper of the organization was En Lucha.


ORT was founded in 1969, emerging out of the left-wing Catholic Workers' Trade Union Action (Acción Sindical de Trabajadores).[2]

The youth wing of ORT was the Maoist Youth Union (Unión de Juventudes Maoístas) and the trade union wing was the Unitary Trade Union (Sindicato Unitario). ORT published En Lucha.

In the 1977 elections, ORT launched the Workers' Electoral Grouping (Agrupación Electoral de los Trabajadores). In 1979, ORT merged with the Party of Labour of Spain and formed the Workers' Party (PT).[3]


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