Organized Rhyme

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Organized Rhyme
Origin Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Genres Hip hop, Comedy hip hop
Years active 1990–1993, 2011
Labels A&M Records
Past members Tom Green (a.k.a. MC Bones)
Greg Campbell (a.k.a. DJ Pin or Pin The Chameleon)
Geordie Ferguson (a.k.a. DJ Signal)

Organized Rhyme was a Canadian hip hop group based in Ottawa, Ontario.[1][2]

The group became one of the first Canadian rap acts to sign a record deal with a major label (A&M Records)[2][3][4] and the video for their debut single "Check the O.R." won the MuchMusic Video Award for Best Rap Video in 1992.[5] Comedian Tom Green was one of the group's founding members.[6][7]


Organized Rhyme was formed in 1990 by Tom Green (a.k.a. MC Bones), Greg Campbell (a.k.a. DJ Pin or Pin The Chameleon) and Geordie Ferguson (a.k.a. DJ Signal).[1][6][7] The group signed with A&M Records in 1991.[2][3] The group released their debut album "Huh!? Stiffenin Against the Wall" in 1992.[2] That same year the video for their first single "Check the O.R.", won the MuchMusic Video Award for Best Rap Video.[5] In 1993 "Check the O.R." was also nominated for a Juno Award in the category of Best Rap Recording, but the song lost to "Keep It Slammin'" by Devon.[2]

The group toured with such artists as The Barenaked Ladies, Dream Warriors and Maestro Fresh Wes.[8] They disbanded shortly after the release of their first album.[1][8]

In 2000 a remix of "Check the O.R." was released by Universal Records on a dance-music compilation album entitled "Pure Dance 5".[citation needed] Green's 2005 rap album Prepare for Impact included a bonus DVD that contained both a live solo-performance of "Check the O.R." as well as a recording of the original music video.[9]

Organized Rhyme reunited and recorded a new video for "Check the O.R." for the 2011 Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, Quebec.[1]


Huh!? Stiffenin Against The Wall (1992)[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Prelude 1" 0:43
2. "Head for the Border" 3:22
3. "Bring the Horns" 4:38
4. "Luv 2" 3:52
5. "Prelude 2" 0:55
6. "Warm and Easy" 3:16
7. "Check the O.R." 4:13
8. "Armadillo Song" 2:52
9. "Cookies and Crackers" 3:49
10. "The Rain Song" 4:11
11. "Papercuts" 5:29
12. "Prelude 3" 0:27
13. "The Idiots" 4:04
14. "The Cutting Song" 1:24
15. "Prelude 4" 0:36
16. "Dabbling on the Mic" 3:28
17. "Mind Your Business" 2:35
18. "Prelude 5" 0:41
19. "Happy Song" 3:55
20. "Luv 1" 3:05
21. "Prelude 6" 0:39
22. "Check the O.R. (Bikini Drifter Mix)" 4:48

Check The O.R. Promotional 12-inch single (1992)[edit]

Side A
No. Title Length
1. "Check The O.R. (Armadillo Mix)" 4:10
2. "Check The O.R. (Rosebush Daddy Mix)" 6:13
Side B
No. Title Length
1. "Check The O.R. (Armadillo Ex-tenda Mix)" 5:07
2. "Check The O.R. (Bikini Drifter Mix)" 4:46

Check The O.R. 2000 Remix 12-inch single (2000)[edit]

Side A
No. Title Length
1. "Check The O.R. 2000 (Remix)" 6:24
2. "Check The O.R. 2000 (Perry Alexander Remix)" 4:24
Side B
No. Title Length
1. "Check The O.R. 2000 (Tyson Remix)" 5:02
2. "Check The O.R. 2000 (Original Mix)" 4:20

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