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Organized crime in Sweden has risen in the past years and the number of organized criminal groups operating in the country is increasing.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs[edit]

Especially the Hells Angels and Bandidos are well-established in Sweden. Their membership is increasing and they are reportedly active in organized criminal activities.[1]

Other criminal organizations in Sweden[edit]

  • Brödraskapet - A Swedish prison gang active in organized crime. Their members are mostly native Swedes.
  • Original Gangsters - A Swedish criminal organization founded by Assyrians/Syriacs from Turkey. It now also has a lot of Swedish, Polish and Yugoslav members, among others.
  • Södertäljenätverket - An Assyrian/Syriac Mafia organization led by Bülent Aslanoğlu, an ethnic Assyrian/Syriac from Turkey.
  • Naserligan An Albanian criminal organization. Newly formed alliance/syndicate between Yugoslavians and Ethnic Swedes
  • Black Cobra - An organized criminal gang originally from Denmark. It expanded to Sweden where it was started in Rosengård. In Sweden it mostly consists of Iraqis and Iranians.
  • K-Falangen[2] - An Albanian criminal organization based in Malmö.
  • M-Falangen[2] - A criminal organization based in Malmö and composed of ethnic Sandžak Bosniaks. They are involved in a wide variety of criminal activities and are said to be very violent and brutal.
  • Chosen Ones[3] - A criminal organization based in Stockholm which was started by a Gambian. Their members nowadays are mostly African ( Somali for the most part). They are especially involved in drug trafficking ( mainly cocaine and heroin ).
  • Werewolf Legion[3] - A violent criminal organization based in Stockholm and mostly consists of African immigrants (Somalis for the most part), although their leader is reputed to be Hispanic. They are highly involved in drug trafficking.
  • Asir[3] - Criminal organization which consists of hardened criminals from Uppsala, Norrköping, Västerås and Göteborg. It mostly consists of Assyrians/Syriacs from Turkey and Iraqis. Leader is Süyar Gürbüz an ethnic Assyrian/Syriac from Turkey.[2]
  • Bredäng Warriors - Is a criminal organisation that is specialised in doing coarse robbery.

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