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Orhan Demir
Genres Jazz fusion
Labels Hittite Records
Website [1]

Orhan Demir (Turkish: [ˈorhan ˈdemir]; born 1954 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Canadian jazz guitarist. He has released several albums. His first release in 1986 "The way I see You" second release is in1987 "North West", third album was in 1988 "Windmill" in 1989 solo acoustic album "Sultan of Strings", followed by "Hot Cargo" in 1991, "Originals" in 1997 and "Guitar Plus" in 1999 and all of his albums received great reviews from Jazz Times, Down Beat, Guitar World, Cadence, Options, Coda, and others.

Brief Biography[edit]

Demir, born 1954 in Istanbul, immigrated to Canada in 1977. His albums were cited by respected magazines such as Down Beat,[1] Option[citation needed] and Cadence.

Orhan Demir's style is an interesting blend of Be-Bop rhythms[2] set against a middle-eastern scale[3] played with a fast picking technique.[2] He has been compared to Django Reinhardt.[3]


Selected discography[edit]

  • The Way I See You (1986)
  • Northwest (1988)[4]
  • Windmill (1989)
  • Sultan Of Strings (1990)
  • Hot Cargo (2003)[1]
  • Guitar Plus (1998)[2]
  • Originals (1997)[3]


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