Orhan Sefa Kilercioğlu

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Orhan Sefa Kilercioğlu is the Turkish Secretary of State.

Defamation case[edit]

Turkish author Talat Turhan was recently convicted of defamation of Kilercioğlu in his recent book Extraordinary War, Terror and Counter-terrorism. Turhan was ordered to pay damages to Kilercioğlu, but he appealed to the European Court of Human Rights. The Court stated that the truthfulness of a value judgment did not have to be proven, and that Turhan's opinion was based on information which was already known to the general public.[1] According to the Court, the Turkish courts did not establish why the protection of the personality rights of a public figure weighed more heavily than Turhan's right to freedom of expression on a public issue. The Court therefore unanimously found that Turhan's right to freedom of expression had been violated. He was awarded. 3,100.


  1. ^ - The Court held that Turhan had based his opinion on statements made by Kilercioğlu in an interview, which had already been published in a magazine.

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