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The Oricon Albums Chart is the Japanese music industry standard albums popularity chart issued daily, weekly, monthly and yearly by Oricon. Chart rankings are based on physical albums' sales. Oricon does not include download sales. In Japan, physical singles and albums sales decreased sharply in the 2000s, while download sales hit three to four times the amount of single and album sales.[1]

Charts are published every Tuesday in Oricon Style and on Oricon’s official website. Every Monday, Oricon receives data from outlets, but data on merchandise sold through certain channels does not make it into the charts. For example, the debut single of NEWS, a pop group, was released only through 7-Eleven stores, which are not covered by Oricon, and its sales were not reflected in the Oricon charts. Oricon’s rankings of record sales are therefore not completely accurate. Before data was collected electronically, the charts were compiled on the basis of faxes that were sent from record shops.[not verified in body]

Best-selling albums of all time[edit]

Rank Year Title Artist Sales
1 1999 First Love Hikaru Utada 7,650,215[2]
2 1998 B'z The Best "Pleasure" B'z 5,135,922
3 1997 Review Glay 4,875,980
4 2001 Distance Hikaru Utada 4,469,135
5 1998 B'z The Best "Treasure" B'z 4,438,742
6 2001 A Best Ayumi Hamasaki 4,301,353
7 1996 Globe Globe 4,136,460
8 2002 Deep River Hikaru Utada 3,604,588
9 2000 Delicious Way Mai Kuraki 3,530,000
10 1998 Time to Destination Every Little Thing 3,520,330

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