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Orient TV (in Arabic تلفزيون أورينت) also known as Television al-Mashreq TV (in Arabic تلفزيون المشرق) is a Syrian satellite television channel previously based in Damascus, Syira, and presently based in Dubai, UAE. The station that broadcasts round the clock is owned by Ghassan Abboud,[1] a Syrian businessman and journalist and an opposition figure to the Syrian government.

Plans for launching of a channel were disclosed by Abboud end of 2007, and test broadcasts started by May 2008 with logo of the station and music from Fairuz. Official broadcasts and programming started on 2 February 2009. Programming is a mixture of Syrian and international news, political, cultural, social and sports programs and television series, comedies, reality shows and long feature films. The station was broadcasting through Damascus when Syrian Internal Security Forces raided the station on July 27, 2010 stopping its broadcasts and putting pressure on station employees to leave their jobs. Ghassan Abboud moved the operations where he resumed broadcasting. Signals of the broadcasts can be received on both Nilesat and Arabsat and online through the website of the station.


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