Oriental Bay

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Oriental Bay
Quartier Oriental Bay.jpg
Oriental Bay, the Rimutakas in the far distance
Oriental Bay is located in New Zealand Wellington
Oriental Bay
Oriental Bay
Basic information
Local authorityWellington City
Coordinates41°17′30″S 174°47′40″E / 41.29167°S 174.79444°E / -41.29167; 174.79444Coordinates: 41°17′30″S 174°47′40″E / 41.29167°S 174.79444°E / -41.29167; 174.79444
Population1,116[1] (2006)
NorthWellington Harbour
SouthWellington town belt
WestMount Victoria and Te Aro

Oriental Bay is a suburb of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. Located close to the Central Business District on Wellington Harbour, it has the closest beaches to the central city and is thus a popular spot both for living and for visiting.

Oriental Bay is situated against the northern slope of Mount Victoria, 1.5 kilometres southeast of the city centre, at the start of a coastal route which continues past Hataitai around Evans Bay. The suburb was named after one of the first ships to bring settlers to Wellington.

In the summer months, Oriental Bay becomes a hive of activity. The beach is consumed with swimmers, party goers and families. The Carter Fountain is a distinctive feature in the Bay, as is the wooden barge which is often covered in swimmers.

According to the 2006 census, Oriental Bay has a population of 1,116.[1]


Oriental Bay was originally known as Duppa, after the first and only resident at the time, George Duppa[2] who later renamed the area Oriental Bay after the ship that he arrived in New Zealand on in 1840.[3] The area was originally farm land and was used as a quarantine with a nurse and tent on the beach[2] and by whalers, which resulted in a pungent odor from the boiled whale blubber.[2]

Settlement of the area started in the 1880s and was expanded with the development of public amenities in the early 1900s such as the Te Aro Baths and the Band Rotunda in 1918.[3]

21st century[edit]

The beach was developed in 2002 by Wellington City Council with 22,000 tonnes of sand from Wainui Bay in Golden Bay being used to expand both Oriental and Freyberg beach.[2]

In December 2016, a Free The Nipple Beach Day was held at Oriental Bay.[4]

Notable residents[edit]

  • Sam Neill - Actor (Home situated in Upper Roseneath)
  • Bob Hoskins - Actor ($1.5 Million (US) Duplex on Oriental Parade)
  • Kerry Prendergast - Former Mayor of Wellington (Penthouse Apartment on Oriental Parade)
  • Jane Campion - Academy Award-Winning Film Maker ($2.3 million (US) Apartment on Oriental Terrace)
  • Robyn Kahukiwa - International Maori/New Zealand Artist
  • Emily Watson - Actress ($1.2 million(US) Condo on Oriental Parade)

Images of Oriental Bay[edit]


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