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Orienteering Australia
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Regional affiliationOceania
PresidentBlair Trewin
Official website

Orienteering Australia is the National organisation responsible for the governing, organisation and promotion of orienteering in Australia. It is a Full Member of the International Orienteering Federation.[1] Orienteering Australia has its own publication The Australian Orienteer.[2]


The Council, which governs Orienteering Australia, is made up of representatives from each association. Daily business is handled by an elected Board of 6-8 directors. Committees and Officers offer specialist advice to both the Council and Board.[3]


The Board Director of Finance is Bruce Bowen.[4] Orienteering Australia is sponsored principally by the Australian Sports Commission.[5] Some sponsorship is also gained from Silva, which specifically sponsors the National Orienteering League. Additional sponsorship is received from the Melbourne Bicycle Centre.[6]

Members of the federation[edit]

Orienteering Australia is a federation made up of the 7 associations, with each State or territory of the commonwealth having a federation.[7]


Orienteering Australia was founded in 1970, and joined the International Orienteering Federation the same year.[8] Australia participated in the World Orienteering Championships first time in 1972.[9] The 1985 World Championships were held in Bendigo, Australia.[10]

Individual world champion from Australia is Johanna Allston, who won a gold medal in sprint in 2006. She also won the middle distance in the World Games in 2009.


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