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Origin (Evanescence album cover).jpg
Demo album by Evanescence
Released November 4, 2000 (US)
Recorded 2000
Genre Gothic metal[1]
Label Bigwig Enterprises
Evanescence chronology
'Sound Asleep / Whisper'
Singles from Origin
  1. "Whisper"
    Released: 2000
  2. "Lies"
    Released: 2000 (radio only)
  3. "Even in Death"
    Released: 2001

Origin is the first demo album by the American rock band Evanescence. It was self-released[2] in 2000 approximately 50 copies were made.[3] The Bigwig Enterprises website sold the demo album in limited numbers.[4]


Manufactured by a friend, this rough-draft full-length debut had only a few thousand copies made of the album and were being sold for US$400 on eBay immediately following Fallen's release.[5] Although it is commonly referred to as a full-length album, lead vocalist and co-founder Amy Lee refers to it as a "dressed up" demo CD, and urges fans to simply download the album, rather than purchase it.[6][7]

It contains earlier versions of "Whisper", "Imaginary", and "My Immortal", which appeared on the band's debut studio album, Fallen, as well as a re-recorded version of the track "Where Will You Go", which previously appeared on the Evanescence EP released in 1998. Three tracks were omitted: "Catherine",[3][8] "Spanish", and "Listen to the Rain".[citation needed]


Origin was released commercially for the first time in December 2016 as a part of The Ultimate Collection vinyl box set.[9]


"Whisper" was released as the lead single from Origin, and was also released on their debut album Fallen.[10]

"Lies" was released for airplay in the summer of 2000, before Origin was released.[11][citation needed]

"Even in Death" was released later in a compilation called The 7Ball Gas Collection – Volume 25.[12]

Critical reception[edit]

Spin magazine's Melissa Maerz graded the album two out of five stars and wrote, "Manufactured by a friend, this rough-draft full-length debut features stripped down versions of Fallen hits such as 'Whisper' and 'My Immortal'."[5]

Track listing[edit]

Demo CD version (Indie release)[1]
1."Origin" (intro)Amy Lee, Ben Moody, David Hodges0:35
2."Whisper" (Origin version)Lee, Moody, Hodges3:56
3."Imaginary" (Origin version)Lee, Moody, Hodges3:29
4."My Immortal" (Origin version)Moody, Lee, Hodges4:26
5."Where Will You Go" (Origin version)Lee, Moody, Hodges3:46
6."Field of Innocence"Moody, Lee, Hodges5:13
7."Even in Death"Lee, Moody, Hodges4:09
8."Anywhere"Moody, Lee, Hodges5:18
9."Lies" (featuring Bruce Fitzhugh)Lee, Moody, Hodges3:49
10."Away from Me"Lee, Moody, Hodges3:30
11."Eternal" (Instrumental)Lee, Moody, Hodges7:22



Additional musicians

  • Will Boyd – bass on "Away from Me"
  • Bruce Fitzhugh and Stephanie Pierce – vocals on "Lies"
  • Suvi Petrajajrvi, Sara Moore, Catherine Harris and Samantha Strong – female vocal ensemble on "Field of Innocence"


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