Origine contrôlée

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Origine contrôlée
Promotional poster
Directed by Ahmed Bouchaala
Zakia Tahri
Produced by Bob Bellion
Raymond Blumenthal
Written by Ahmed Bouchaala
Bruno Dega
Fred Rubio
Zakia Tahri
Starring Ronit Elkabetz
Patrick Ligardes
Atmen Kalif
Music by Serge Perathoner
Jannick Top
Cinematography Yves Cape
Edited by Roland Baubeau
Blue Films
Deluxe Productions
M6 Films
New Mark
Rhône-Alpes Cinéma
Distributed by United International Pictures
Release date
24 January 2001
Running time
90 min
Country France
Language French

Origine contrôlée (US title: Made in France) is a 2001 French comedy-drama film starring Ronit Elkabetz. It is also the debut French-language picture to star Elkabetz, famous for Hebrew-language roles in her native Israel. Elkabetz acquired French fluency after moving to France in 1997. The film was written and directed by Ahmed Bouchaala and Zakia Tahri. It was awarded the Le Roger Award for Best French Feature by the Avignon & New York Film Festival.[1]

Plot synopsis[edit]

A bouregeois white man (Ligardes) finds himself the victim of mistaken identity when he dresses up in drag yet is mistaken by authorities for a criminal Algerian transsexual. During his overnight stay in jail he meets two strangers, a beur, Youssef (Kelif) and Sophia (Elkabetz), a woman seeking a sex-change operation. The eclectic trio embark on a hedonistic tour through Paris and the surrounding countryside, amidst the frivolities,and problems such as the immigration authorities and the police presence.[2][3]


Elkabetz was cast in the starring role after directors Bouchaala and Tahri attended the closing night of her one-woman show in Paris playing Martha Graham.[4]



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