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Origins of World War II is a 1971 board wargame designed by Jim Dunnigan and published by Avalon Hill, based on 1935-39 international diplomacy. Participants represent five major nations of World War II. Expertise at negotiations and diplomacy is important to success at the game. Five "What If?" scenarios are included: Historical Game, Aggressive French Policy Game, Aggressive French-British Policy Game, British-U.S. Alliance Game, and Anti-Bolshevik Crusade Game.

The game simulates the strengths and weaknesses of each of the nation-states, and permits both alliances and betrayals. In addition to being play-tested by veteran wargamers, Origins of World War II was tested with secondary-school students who lacked familiarity with gaming, at the Benjamin Franklin High School, in East Harlem, New York City (now the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics), by Albert Nofi, then a teacher at the school. A set of guidelines to help teachers use the game in the classroom was published in Moves magazine. As a result, the game can be considered an educational tool as well as a diversion.

The game reimplemented much of the gameplay system of Origins of World War I, designed by Dunnigan and included in the 1969 book A Gamut of Games.[1]


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