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Beijing Origus Food & Beverage Ltd.
Traditional Chinese北京好倫哥餐飲有限公司
Simplified Chinese北京好伦哥餐饮有限公司

Beijing Origus Food & Beverage Ltd., doing business as Origus Pizza Buffet (simplified Chinese: 好伦哥批萨自取; traditional Chinese: 好倫哥批薩自取; pinyin: Hǎolúngē Pīsà Zìqǔ) or Origus (好伦哥; 好倫哥; Hǎolúngē), is a Chinese Western-style buffet chain.[1] It is headquartered in Chaoyang District, Beijing.[2] Previously it was headquartered in Wangjiao Plaza in Wangjing Subdistrict of Chaoyang District.[3]


It was founded in 1998,[3] by Mu Ji.[1] Foreign investment was used to start the company.[4]

In February 2007 the company had locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Jinzhou. That month the company opened its first restaurant in Lanzhou.[4]

By March 2007 prices at Origus per person were raised from 39 yuan to 39.99 yuan. Around that time some customers in Beijing reported getting only one fen (one hundredth of a yuan) in change.[5]

As of 2014 it had over 100 restaurants; they were located in larger cities and Inner Mongolia. That year, MUS Roosevelt Capital Partners invested an undisclosed amount into Origus.[1]


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