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Orinoca is located in Bolivia
Location in Bolivia
Coordinates: 18°58′02″S 67°15′30″W / 18.96722°S 67.25833°W / -18.96722; -67.25833Coordinates: 18°58′02″S 67°15′30″W / 18.96722°S 67.25833°W / -18.96722; -67.25833
CountryFlag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia
DepartmentOruro Department
ProvinceSud Carangas Province
12,428 ft (3,788 m)
 • Total163

Orinoca is a small town in the Bolivian Oruro Department.

Orinoca has 163 inhabitants[1] (2001) and is the administrative center of Orinoca District. It is located at 18°58′02″S 67°15′30″W / 18.96722°S 67.25833°W / -18.96722; -67.25833 (Orinoca), 3,788 m above sea-level, 185 km south of the department's capital, Oruro, and 20 km west of Lake Poopó. The second-largest lake in Bolivia was dried up as of December 2015, except for a few marshy patches, and officials do not know if it can recover from an extended drought.[2][3]

Orinoca is accessible by road, and a bus service that serves the town twice a week.

The village of Isallavi in the Orinoca District is the birthplace of Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia since 2006.


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