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Orion Electronics Ltd
Formerly called
  • Magyar Wolframlámpagyár
  • Orion Villamossági Rt.
  • Magyar Wolframlámpa Kremeneczky János Rt.
Subsidiary of Thakral Group (ASXTHG)
Industry consumer electronics
Founded 1913
Founder János Kremeneczky
Headquarters Budapest, Hungary
Sóskút, Hungary
Area served
Key people
G.S Arora, H.S Chadha
Parent Thakral Group
Website http://www.orionelec.com/

Orion Electronics Ltd is a consumer electronics company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.[1] Orion supplies a wide range of brown and white goods including televisions (LCD, Plasma and CRT), DVD players/recorders/with HDD, home theatre systems, Navigation Systems, Portable DVD Players, active speaker systems, computer monitors, MP3/MP4 players, washing machines, dishwashers, cooking ranges, microwave ovens and the full range of small domestic appliances. The company is owned and managed by the Thakral Group of Singapore. [2]


The company was established by János Kremeneczky in 1913 and started as a manufacturer of electrical bulbs. Orion has been producing electrical goods (like radios since the 1920s. The television production started in 1956. Since the 1970s, the company designed, produced, installed and maintained microwave telecommunication equipment also. [1]



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