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Orion Cinema Network
Orion Cinema Network logo.png
Owned by Daewoo Broadcasting (1995-1999)
Orion Confectionery (On-Media) (1999-2010)
CJ E&M Broadcasting Group (2010-present)
Slogan "South Korea's Number 1 Movie Channel"
Country South Korea
Formerly called Daewoo Cinema Network (1995-1999)
Sister channel(s) Mnet
tvN Asia
O tvN
OCN Series
Channel CGV
Chunghwa TV
Website ch.interest.me/OCN/

Orion Cinema Network, most commonly known by the abbreviation OCN, is a movie channel on basic cable throughout South Korea, owned by CJ E&M.[1] In the 2000s it became the most viewed station in South Korea, which prompted them to create their widely recognized English-language slogan, "Korea number-one channel." With cable TV penetration quite high in South Korea, OCN is a popular movie resource.

OCN's lineup is a mixture of movies from several years ago or earlier, particularly during the daytime, with more recent films during evening prime-time hours. They do not air movies that are as recent as those of sister station CatchOn, a pay service offered on cable TV. They also show episodes of popular overseas television series, mostly from the United States.


Years Title Genre Episodes Director Writer Release Date Time slot
2017 Bad Guys: Age of Evil Crime, Action, Thriller December 2017 Sat and Sun (22:00)
Black Fantasy, Thriller Choi Ran October 2017 Sat and Sun (22:00)
Save Me Psychology, Thriller Kim Sung-Su Jo Geum-San July 2017 Sat and Sun (22:00)
Duel Suspense, Thriller 16 Lee Jong-Jae Kim Yoon-Joo June 3, 2017 Sat and Sun (22:00)
My Secret Romance Romance, Comedy 13 Kang Cheol-woo Kang Ha-na April 17, 2017 Mon and Tues (21:00)
Tunnel Fantasy, Thriller 16 Shin Yong-hwi Lee Eun-mi March 25, 2017 Sat and Sun (22:00)
Voice Action, Crime, Thriller 16 Kim Hong-san Ma Jin-won January 14, 2017
2016 38 Revenue Collection Unit Crime, Comedy 16 Kim Jung-min Han Jung-hoon June 17, 2016 Fri and Sat (23:00)
Vampire Detective Fantasy, Mystery 12 Kim Ga-ram Yoo Young-seon March 27, 2016 Sun (23:00)
Neighborhood Hero Action, Thriller, Crime, Mystery 16 Kwak Jung-hwan Jang Min-suk January 23, 2016 Sat and Sun (23:00)
2015 Cheo Yong 2 Horror, Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Action 10 Kang Cheol-woo Hong Seung-hyun August 23, 2015 Sun (23:00)
My Beautiful Bride Melodrama, Romance 16 Kim Cheol-kyu Yoo Sung-yeol June 20, 2015 Sat and Sun (23:00)
Missing Noir M Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller 10 Lee Seung-young Lee Yoo-jin March 28, 2015 Sat (23:00)
2014-2015 Dr. Frost Crime, Thriller, Mystery 10 Sung Yong-il Lee Jong-bum, Heo Ji-young November 23, 2014 Sun (23:00)
2014 Bad Guys Crime, Action, Thriller 11 Kim Jung-Min Han Jung-Hoon October 4, 2014 Sat (22:00)
Reset Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Melodrama 10 Kim Yong-kyoon Jang Hyeok-rin August 24, 2014 Sun (23:00)
God's Quiz 4 Medical, Crime, Mystery 12 Lee Min-woo Park Jae-bum May 18, 2014
Cheo Yong Horror, Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Action 10 Lim Chan-ik Hong Seung-hyun February 9, 2014
2013 Special Affairs Team TEN 2 Action, Crime 12 Lee Seung-young Lee Jae-gon April 14, 2013
The Virus Medical / Thriller 10 Choi Young-soo Lee Myung-sook March 1, 2013 Fri (22:00)
2012 Vampire Prosecutor 2 Fantasy, Mystery 11 Yoo Sun-dong Han Jung-hoon, Kang Eun-sun September 9, 2012 Sun (23:00)
God's Quiz 3 Medical, crime, mystery 12 Ahn Jin-woo Park Jae-bum May 20, 2012
Hero Action, Fantasy 9 Kim Hong-sun, Kim Jung-min Koo Dong-hee, Kim Ba-da March 28, 2012 Sun (23:00)
2011-2012 Special Affairs Team TEN Action, Crime 9 Lee Seung-uoung Lee Jae-gon November 18, 2011 Fri (00:00)
2011 Vampire Prosecutor Fantasy, Mystery 12 Kim Byung-soo Han Jung-hoon, Kang Eun-sun October 2, 2011 Sun (23:00)
God's Quiz 2 Medical, Crime, Mystery 12 Lee Jung-pyo Park Jae-bum June 10, 2011 Fri (22:00)
2010-2011 Yaksha Period, Suspense, Action 12 Kim Hong-sun Jung Hyung-soo, Goo Dong-hoe December 10, 2010 Fri (00:00)
2010 God's Quiz Medical, Crime, Mystery 10 Lee Joon-hyeong Park Jae-bum October 8, 2010 Fri (22:00)
2009-2010 Korean Mystery Detective Jung Yak Yong Historical, Mystery 8 Kim Hong-sun Yang Hee-seung November 27, 2009 Fri (00:00)
2008 My Lady Boss, My Hero Romance, Comedy 8 Jung Heum-moon Yoo Nam-kyung, Park Hae-young September 19, 2008 Fri (23:00)
Don't Ask Me About the Past Romance, Comedy 16 Kim Heung-dong, Jeong Yong-ki May 17, 2008 Sat & Sun
A Different Kind of Life Comedy, TV Movie Kim Jeong-woo April 17, 2008
Manner of battle Comedy, Romance, TV Movie Jang Hang-joon Park Hee-kwon April 17, 2008
2007-2008 Medical Gibang Cinema Melodrama 10 Kim Hong-sun November 20, 2007 Tues (00:00)
2007 Company Love Romance 8 Kim Seong-duk November 9, 2007 Fri (23:00)
Temptation of Eve: Her Own Art Erotic, Thriller, Film Yoo Jae-hwan Seo Mi-ae, Yoo Jae-hwan August 20, 2007
Temptation of Eve: Kiss Erotic, Thriller, Film Nam Ki-woong Seo Mi-ae August 13, 2007
Temptation of Eve: Good Wife Erotic, Thriller, Film Kwak Jeong-deok Kim Cha-ae, Kwak Jeong-deok August 6, 2007
Temptation of Eve: Angel Erotic, Thriller, Film Lim Kyeong-taek Kim Cha-ae July 30, 2007
Kid Gang Comedy 16 Chan-ju Jo Park Kye-ok May 18, 2007 Fri (23:00)
2006 Someday Romance 16 Kim Kyeong-yong Kim Hee-jae November 11, 2006
Coma Horror, Thriller 5 Su-chang Kong, Kyu-ok Jo, Jun-seok Yu, Jeong-ku Kim Jun-hyeong Shin, Nam-kyeong Oh, Kyeong-eun Lee July 21, 2006


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