Orion Confectionery

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Orion Confectionery
Korean name
Hangul 오리온제과
Hanja 製菓
Revised Romanization Orion Jegwa
McCune–Reischauer Orion Chegwa

Orion Corporation (Hangul주식회사 오리온; RRJusikhoesa Orion, KRX: 271560) is a South Korean confectionery company, headquartered in Munbae-dong, Yongsan District, Seoul.[1] The company is one of the three largest food companies in South Korea, and was established in 1956 as Tongyang Confectionery Corp.[2] Orion has manufacturing facilities in Seoul, Cheonan Chungcheongnam-do and cities in China, Russia, Vietnam, and the United States. Products produced by Orion include biscuits, cookies, crackers, pies, gum, snacks, chocolate, and candy; and its most famous product is Choco Pie. Its competitors include Crown Confectionery and Lotte Confectionery. Orion was the parent company of the entertainment company On-Media, until its acquisition by the CJ Group in 2010.

The company began offering the Choco Pie in 1974. By 2006, it had two thirds of the Chinese cookie market.[3]

Orion maintains a "Choco Pie Index" created as a parody of The Economist's Big Mac Index.[4]

Orion confectionery


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