Orion Hindawi

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Orion Hindawi
Born1980 (age 37–38)
EducationB.A. University of California, Berkeley
Occupationsoftware entrepreneur
Known forco-founder of Tanium, Inc.
Net worthIncrease $1.0 Billion USD (April 2016)[1]
Parent(s)David Hindawi

Orion Hindawi (born 1980) is an American software entrepreneur and billionaire.


Hindawi was born and raised in Berkeley, California[1][2] the son of David Hindawi, an Iraqi Jewish immigrant from Israel.[2]

In 2007, along with his father, he founded the cybersecurity firm, Tanium.[1] In September 2015, they raised $120 million in new funding that valued Tanium at $3.5 billion, making each of them a billionaire.[1] Tanium uses a novel approach to cybersecurity different from its main competitors Symantec and Intel’s McAfee which have a central data center that communicates directly with individual computers (and requiring a massive investment in data centers), Tanium instead uses a linear chain system where each computer on a network talks to the computer adjacent to it, pooling data, and then relaying the information in a chain before sending it back to a single server.[2] In February 2016, Orion took over as CEO from his father.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Hindawi is married and has one child.[1]