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Oris is a Croatian architecture magazine. The publisher describes it as a 'Magazine for Architecture and Culture'.


Oris has appeared bi-monthly since 1998[1] and covers the media space of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The magazine is published in Slovenian/English and Croatian/English editions., with topics covering the entire range of architecture.[1] The magazine introduces an international cross-section of projects with an emphasis on works from the region. In addition to architecture, a separate section covers topics on art in general, such as photography or event-art, often with illustrations of connections with the conventional understanding of the term "architecture". Advertising is concentrated in a section on the beginning of every issue, so as not to disturb the flow of reading.

The publisher has been Arhitekst since 1999.[1] The company also organises the annual 'Oris-days' – two-day symposiums with lectures by architects from all over the world.[1] These are very popular among the architects of the region, as they are recognized for the further training required by the Croatian architectural association. It is also a rare chance to meet colleagues from around the country.


  • Randić & Turato "The Architecture of Transition"
  • Contemporary Croatian Architecture: Testing Reality

Selected authors[edit]

Vedran Mimica, Boris Podrecca, Tonči Žarnić


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