The Odisha Society of the Americas

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Orissa Society of the Americas
Orissa Society of the Americas (logo).gif
Abbreviation OSA
Formation 1970
Legal status Voluntary Association
Purpose Awareness of Odia Language and Culture
  • United States
Official language

The Odisha Society of the Americas, or OSA, is an organization whose stated goals are to promote the culture of the Indian state of Orissa in the United States and Canada, and to facilitate the exchange of information between Orissa and North America.[1] Founded in 1969, OSA is registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States. The main event of the organization is an annual convention which aims to bring members of the Odia diaspora together to celebrate their ethnic culture. It held an annual get-together called convention, where people of Oriya origin from different parts of USA and Canada mingled and shared experiences of ethnic living.

Current status[edit]

Today[when?] OSA is a strong organization with 900 or more individual and family members. This is due to individuals stepping forward to support different activities with innovative ideas which, when implemented, benefit us[who?] all. The organization has now spread into thirteen regional chapters, which operate as a social umbrella for different regions in the US and Canada. The chapters arrange various activities such as religious festivals, social get together, cultural events and participate in the cultural life of the local community as representatives of Oriya culture. Besides these, the annual convention is the centerpiece of the society's activities.


The society's vision is to promote and propagate Oriya culture in Americas by bringing together all the people interested in Orissa.

Mission Goals[edit]

The mission goals of The Orissa[clarification needed] Society of Americas are:

· To provide a mutually supportive environment for the better interaction of Oriya immigrants of North American countries through socio-cultural growth, friendship and fellowship.

· To enhance the awareness of Orissa and Oriya traditions in North America through cultural promotion, social events, and developmental activities.

· To facilitate the exchange of information between Orissa and the United States/Canada.

Chapters in USA & Canada[edit]

There are 14 chapters in USA and 1 chapter in Canada. A new chapter, California chapter is under formation.

Chapter Name Chapter Serving Area Formation Year
Chicago Illinois, Wisconsin NA
Grand Canyon Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico 2009
Maryland - Virginia Maryland, Virginia 1995
Michigan Michigan 1988
North West Minnesota 1990
New England Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire NA
New York/New Jersey New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania 1970 as OSANY 2005 as OSANYNJ
Ohio Ohio NA
Ozark (central) Kansas, Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri NA
Pacific Northwest Oregon, Washington, British Columbia & Neighboring States 2011
South East North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia NA
Southern Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi. Alabama, Kentucky NA
South-West Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma NA
Washington, DC Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, West Virginia 1984
Canada Canada 1971


OSA Convention

The annual convention of The Orissa Society of the Americas takes place during the July 4th weekend every year. The main responsibility of hosting the convention rests with the local chapters of OSA. At times when local chapters do not bid for the convention, Oriya communities under the leadership of an OSA life member and with 15 or more OSA members do take charge of organizing the convention. The convention serves to bring together people with roots in Orissa to share the pride in Oriya culture and heritage and pass it on to the next generation. Convention is the centerpiece of OSA's activities. The 44th OSA convention was held in Chicago, Illinois from 4 to 6 July 2013. The 45th OSA convention in 2014 has been scheduled to be held at Columbus, Ohio.

Past/Future OSA Conventions

Year Place
2016 Providence, Rhode Island
2015 National Harbor, Maryland
2014 Columbus, Ohio
2013 Chicago, IL
2012 Seattle, WA
2011 Dallas, TX
2010 Redwood City, CA
2009 Trenton, New Jersey
2008 Toronto, ONT
2007 Detroit, MI
2006 Columbia, MD
2005 Newport Beach, CA
2004 Dallas, TX
2003 Princeton, NJ
2002 Greenbelt, MD
2001 Chicago, IL
1999 Toronto, Canada
1998 Monterey, CA
1997 Houston, TX
1996 Washington, DC
1995 Minneapolis, MN
1994 Pomona, NJ
1993 Troy, MI
1992 Atlanta, GA
1991 Chicago, IL
1990 Washington, DC
1989 Nashville, TN
1988 Saginaw, MI
1987 Stanford, CA
1986 Toronto, Canada
1985 Kent, OH
1984 Glassboro, NJ
1983 Bowie, MD
1982 Minneapolis, MN
1981 Chicago, IL
1980 Detroit, MI
1979 New Brunswick, NJ
1978 Wheaton, MD
1977 Riverdale, NJ
1976 Toronto, Canada
1975 Riverdale, NJ
1974 College Park, MD
1973 Riverdale, NJ
1972 Riverdale, NJ
1971 Hartford, CT
1970 Hartford, CT

OSA Regional Oriya Drama Festival

OSA Drama Festival started in 2009 for the first time. Dr Gopal Mohanty was the festival coordinator. The concept of regional drama festival went into effect during the month of April 2009 at 3 sites, Texas, Michigan and Washington DC. OSA is planning to continue the tradition in its present form or in an improved form (combining music and dances) for the future. OSA Southwest Chapter Drama Festival-2013 was held at Austin on 14 September 2013.

Year Region Drama Chapter
2009 South-West Region Athacha Chanakya(ଅଥଚ ଚାଣକ୍ୟ) Dallas
Sahitya Gadia Manthana(ସାହିତ୍ୟ ଗଡିଆ ମନ୍ଥନ ) Austin
E ki Nataka(ଏ କି ନାଟକ ) Arkansas
Mom, Ma Aau Madam(ମୋମ୍, ମା ଆଉ ମାଡାମ୍) Houston
Eastern Region Gitinatya Sri Ganesha(ଗୀତିନାଟ୍ୟ ଶ୍ରୀ ଗଣେଶ) DC
Pathoi Bohu(ପାଠୋଇ ବୋହୁ) DC
Gua Nimantran(ଗୁଆ ନିମନ୍ତ୍ରଣ) NY/New Jersey|NJ
Northern Region Banna Nasika(ବନ ନାଶିକ) Canada
Gitinatya Mahisa Mardini(ଗୀତିନାଟ୍ୟ ମହିଶା ମର୍ଦିନୀ) MI
2010 South-West Region Kalakara Natabara Babunkara Nata(କଳାକାର ନଟବର ବାବୁନକର ନାଟ) Dallas
Saur Jagatare Ulka Pata(ସୌର ଜଗତରେ ଉଲ୍କା ପାତ) Arkansas
Habani Na, Habana Aau(ହବନୀ ନା, ହବନା ଆଉ ) Houston
Eastern Region Kanchi Abhijan(କାଂଚୀ ଅଭିଯାନ) OSNE Junior artists
Dasanana: Naka Kata Upakhyana(ଦସାନନ : ନାକ କଟା ଉପାଖ୍ୟାନ) NY/New Jersey|NJ
Dinu Kaka Thiika Kahuthile(ଦିନୁ କାକା ଠିକ୍ କହୁଥିଲେ ) OSNE Senior artists
North-Central Region Uchit Charcha(ଉଚିତ୍ ଚର୍ଚା) Milwaukee
Gosein Mahatma(ଗୋସେଇଁ ମହାତ୍ମା) Detroit
Jaha Hale Hau(ଯାହା ହେଲେ ହଉ) Unknown
2012 South-West Region Bandhoo Mohanty DFW Kids Drama
Tahele Kie Austin
Item Girl Houston
Mayar Kahani Austin Skit
Paisaara Maayaa, Karuchhi Baayaa Arkansas
Akala Kusmanda DFW