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Type Guk
Place of origin Korea
Main ingredients Duck, vegetables
Cookbook: Oritang  Media: Oritang
Hangul 오리
Revised Romanization oritang
McCune–Reischauer orit'ang

Oritang is a variety of guk, Korean soup or stew made by slowly simmering duck and various vegetables.[1][2] Ori means "duck" and tang is another name for guk in Korean. While its recipe depends on region and taste, the soup is generally in a form of a clear soup. Some variants can contain chili pepper powder to make the soup spicy like maeuntang (spicy fish soup)[3] or roasted perilla seeds to thicken the dish.[4] Oritang is a local specialty of Gyeonggi Province and South Jeolla Province,[2] especially Gwangju City.[5] In Gwangju, about 20 restaurants specializing in oritang and other duck dishes are centered on Yudong Alley in Buk-gu (Northern District).[4][6]

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