Orlík Dam

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Orlík Reservoir
View from the Zvíkov Castle
Coordinates 49°36′21.6″N 14°10′51.6″E / 49.606000°N 14.181000°E / 49.606000; 14.181000Coordinates: 49°36′21.6″N 14°10′51.6″E / 49.606000°N 14.181000°E / 49.606000; 14.181000
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Vltava River, Otava River
Primary outflows Vltava River
Catchment area 12,105 km2 (4,674 sq mi)
Basin countries Czech Republic
Max. length 68 km (42 mi)
Surface area 27.32 km2 (10.55 sq mi)
Water volume 703.8×10^6 m3 (570,600 acre·ft)
Surface elevation 354 m (1,161 ft)

The Orlík Dam (Czech: Vodní nádrž Orlík) is the largest hydroelectric dam in the Czech Republic. It dams the Vltava River near the village of Solenice, which is near the town of Příbram. The structure is named after Orlík Castle, which is situated a few kilometers above the dam. The dam has four turbines with a nominal capacity of 91 MW each[1] having a total capacity of 364 MW.


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