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Orlando (The Marmalade Cat) is the eponymous hero of a series of 19 illustrated children's books written by Kathleen Hale between 1938 and 1972, issued by various publishers including Country Life.

Orlando's family consist of his wife Grace, and three kittens: Blanche, Pansy and Tinkle.[1] In A Seaside Holiday, they stay in the town of 'Owlbarrow', a thinly disguised version of Aldeburgh on the coast of Suffolk: many of the illustrations feature landmarks in the town.

Books in the series are:[2]

  • Orlando (the Marmalade Cat): A Camping Holiday (1938)
  • Orlando (the Marmalade Cat): A Trip Abroad (1939)
  • Orlando's Evening Out (1941)
  • Orlando (the Marmalade Cat): Buys a Farm (1942)
  • Orlando's Home Life (1942)
  • Orlando (the Marmalade Cat): His Silver Wedding (1944)
  • Orlando (the Marmalade Cat): Becomes a Doctor (1944)
  • Orlando's Invisible Pyjamas (1947)
  • Orlando (the Marmalade Cat): Keeps a Dog (1949)
  • Orlando the Judge (1950)
  • Orlando, the Marmalade Cat. A Seaside Holiday (1952)
  • Orlando's Zoo (1954)
  • Orlando (the Marmalade Cat): The Frisky Housewife (1956)
  • Orlando's Magic Carpet (1958)
  • Orlando's Country Peepshow (1959)
  • Orlando, the Marmalade Cat, Buys a Cottage (1963)
  • Orlando and the Three Graces (1965)
  • Orlando Goes to the Moon (1968)
  • Orlando and the Water Cats (1972)


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