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Orlets-1 or Don (GRAU index 17F12) is a Russian (previously Soviet) reconnaissance satellite.[1][2]

Orlets-1 was made after it was concluded that the Yantar-2K satellite was not capable of providing strategic warning of attack,[1] and drew on features of an existing draft project designated Yantar-6K.[1] It has a wide-spectrum panoramic camera,[1] carries 8 film return capsules[1][2] and has a design life of 60 days,[1] After its mission has ended, the satellite is detonated in its orbit.[2]

Orlets-1 is being launched by the Soyuz-U[2] or Soyuz-U2[1][2] launch vehicle.

An improved version of Orlets-1 exists, called Orlets-2.[1]


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