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The Orman Garden is one of the most famous Botanical gardens in Egypt. It is located at Giza, in Cairo. It dates back to 1875 and the reign of Khedive Isma'il Pasha who established the garden on a larger site than it presently occupies as part of the Palace of the Khedive. It became a public botanical garden in 1910/1917 and put under the Ministry of Agriculture management.[1]

The garden covers about 28 acres. Today, the garden contains a herbarium building, a rock garden, a rose garden, cactus gardens, and probably the most notable feature, the lotus pond.

Orman Garden is located west of the River Nile and east of Cairo University in the Giza Governorate. “Orman” is a Turkish word, which means “the forest”. [2]

Spring Festival[edit]

Every year, starting March 22, the Spring Festival is held at Orman Garden. During that time, many companies exhibit their various plant offerings including ornamental plants, cut flowers, cactus, seeds for growing many plants, fertilizers, and pots.

Special Collections[edit]

Cactus grafting

Conifers, palms, cacti, succulents, roses, bamboo, Ficus, aquatic plants, Strelitzia

  • 1 Acacia nilotica (L.) wildex Delile........ Tree
  • 2 Albizia Lebbek (L.) Benth .......... Tree
  • 3 Balanites aegyptica (L.) Pelile......... Tree
  • 4 Cyperus paprus L. .......... Plant aquatic
  • 5 Hyphaene thebaica (L.) Mart. ......... Palm
  • 6 Luffa Cylindricall (L.) Auth .......... Climber


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Coordinates: 30°01′45″N 31°12′47″E / 30.02917°N 31.21306°E / 30.02917; 31.21306