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Ormanjhi block is one of the twenty administrative community development block of Ranchi district, Jharkhand state, India. It is 18 km from Ranchi. Nakwa Toli is a prominent village of this block. Presently the actual distance of Ranchi from Ormanjhi is only 10 km as the city suburbs of Ranchi have expanded towards Ormanjhi. People of Kurmi and Koiri castes form major social groups of the block. It is a reserved ST constituency for general elections. It is one of the fastest growing blocks in Ranchi District. The main occupation of the people of this block is cultivation of vegetables cultivation. Ormanjhi High School is one of the oldest school in Ranchi District.

It is connected only through Roadways. National Highway 33 passes through Ormanjhi, the headquarters of the Ormanjhi block.

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