Ormiston Horizon Academy

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Ormiston Horizon Academy
Ormiston Horizon Academy Logo.jpg
The Current logo used since 2011
Principal Rod Hughes
Location Turnhurst Road
Chell, Stoke-on-Trent
Local authority Stoke-on-Trent
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–16 (18 if at sixth form)
Houses Aquila, Cygnus, Draco and Pegasus
Sponsor Ormiston Academies Trust
Website School Website

Ormiston Horizon Academy, formerly known as James Brindley High School/James Brindley Science College, is an 11-16 mixed school located along Turnhurst Road in Chell, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Most students are from the surrounding areas such as Chell, Chell Heath, Fegg Hayes, Pitts Hill and Packmoor. The Principal is Rod Hughes. On 9 September 2013 the staff and students moved into their new building, which was built alongside the old one.


Until September 2011, the academy was known as James Brindley Science College. However, during the summer of 2011 the school was renovated and re-opened to students as "Ormiston Horizon Academy" on 7 September 2011. The blue jumpers and white polo shirts were replaced with a purple laced blazer and white shirt, Along with a coloured tie that represents the House that the student is in. The school is now funded by the Ormiston Academies Trust and the academy's strategic partners are Keele University and Stoke-on-Trent Primary Care Trust.

New building[edit]

Work has now been completed on a new building to replace the existing buildings, which were in a state of disrepair. The building work was all on schedule, with the academy transferring into the new buildings shortly after. The two-storey new building was built with four wings housing various basic and specialised classrooms, as well as serving as bases for the school’s four houses - Aquila(Red), Cygnus(Green), Draco(Blue) and Pegasus(Yellow). Once the new academy building was opened, the school was able to accommodate more students, Including Post-16 and Sixth Form facilities. This amazing building (costing £22.5m to build)is an amazing place for a child's mind to discover their potential.

Construction of the new academy building as of 02/03/2012
Construction of the new academy building as of 02/03/2012

Sixth Form[edit]

The Sixth Form at Ormiston Horizon Academy (also known as Horizon Sixth Form) is regarded as the most influential and responsible part of the school. It opened in September 2013, along with the brand new building. The choice of post-16 education can be of ultimate importance and so we will do our utmost to provide the mixture of courses that best meets the needs of the individual. Students can take a mixture of different options in year 12 in order to maximise opportunities for progression.

A range of options are available in the Sixth Form, including A level GCE, Applied A levels and BTEC qualifications.


The school (Then known as James Brindley) was saved by its staff, students and governing body from certain closure as it was announced in early 2008 that the school would be one of 5 or so schools in the area to be rebuilt and kept by the city council.


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