Orodes III of Parthia

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Orodes III
Tetradrachm of Orodes III, minted at Seleucia in c. 6
King of the Parthian Empire
Reign4 – 6
PredecessorPhraates V and Musa
SuccessorVonones I
DynastyArsacid dynasty

Orodes III (also spelled Urud III; Parthian: 𐭅𐭓𐭅𐭃 Wērōd) was king of the Parthian Empire from 4 to 6.[1] Albeit he was an Arsacid, his lineage is unknown.[2] He was raised to the throne by the nobility two years after the death of the previous co-rulers, Phraates V and Musa (r. 2 BC – 4 AD).[1] Information regarding the brief reign of Orodes III is lacking.[3] He was killed after a reign of two years.[1] He was succeeded by Vonones I.[1]


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Orodes III of Parthia
Preceded by
Phraates V and Musa
King of the Parthian Empire
4 – 6
Succeeded by
Vonones I