Orodes III of Parthia

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Coin of Orodes III

Orodes III (Persian: ارد سوم‎‎) was raised to the throne of the Parthian Empire around AD 4 by the magnates after the death of Phraates V (reigned c. 2 BC – AD 4). He was killed after a short reign "on account of his extreme cruelty" (Josephus). After his death, Phraates V's brother Vonones I (reigned c. AD 8–12) tried to assume the throne, but a civil war with Artabanus III (reigned c. AD 10–38) followed.


Orodes III of Parthia
Born: Unknown Died: AD 6
Preceded by
Musa and Phraates V
Great King (Shah) of Parthia
AD 4–6
Succeeded by
Vonones I