Orodes I of Parthia

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Orodes I
Great King
Coin of Orodes I, Ray mint.jpg
Coin of Orodes I, Ray mint
King of the Parthian Empire
Reign87/80 – 75 BC
PredecessorGotarzes I
Died75 BC
DynastyArsacid dynasty
FatherGotarzes I

Orodes I (Persian: ارد يکم‎) ruled the Parthian Empire from 87/80 to 75 BC in succession to Gotarzes I. He reigned during the "Parthian Dark Age," which was a period of internal turmoil and civil war for the Parthian Empire. Coins bearing Orodes' likeness were issued from the Median mints of the cities of Ecbatana and Rhagae.

The history of Parthia is quite obscure during this period, but Orodes' reign seems to have ended, as it had begun, in civil war with an unknown claimant. The name of his successor, Arsaces XVI, is also unknown, and it is only with the beginning of the reign of Sanatruces, c. 77 BC, that the line of Parthian rulers can again be reliably traced.

Orodes is mentioned as king of kings of the Arsacid dynasty in a Babylonian report of the lunar eclipse of 11 April 80 BC.


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Orodes I of Parthia
Preceded by
Gotarzes I
King of the Parthian Empire
80–75 BC
Succeeded by