Orontes III

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Orontes III
King of Armenia and Sophene
Reign 321 - 260 BC
Coronation 321 BC
Predecessor Mithrenes
Successor Sames
Died 260 BC
Issue Sames
House Yervandashat
Dynasty Orontid Dynasty
Father Mithrenes

Orontes III (Armenian: Երուանդ Գ, Yervand III) was King of Armenia. In his reign he struggled for control of the Kingdom of Sophene with king Antiochus II Theos until being defeated in 272 BC and was forced to pay a large tribute which included 300 talents of silver and 1,000 horses and mules. Orontes III was subsequently murdered in 260 BC[dubious ], whether at the instigation of King Antiochus II is not recorded. His son, Sames, continued to rule in Sophene.[1]


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