Orri Páll Dýrason

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Orri Páll Dýrason
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Background information
Birth name Orri Páll Dýrason
Born (1977-07-04) 4 July 1977 (age 38)
Origin Iceland
Genres Post-rock
Instruments Drums, keyboards
Years active 1999–present
Associated acts Sigur Rós
This is an Icelandic name. The last name is a patronymic, not a family name; this person is properly referred to by the given name Orri.

Orri Páll Dýrason (Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈɔrːɪ ˈpautl ˈtiːrasɔn]; born on 4 July 1977) is the drummer for Sigur Rós. He joined the band in 1999, shortly after the recording of the studio album Ágætis byrjun, when the previous drummer, Ágúst Ævar Gunnarsson, left the band.[1][2] He has four children including one stepchild. He has a son born in January 2010[3] his name is Dýri Angantýr and another son born in November 2012 and his name is Jón Stormur, a girl named Vaka Orradóttir whom the first track from the ( ) album was named after her.[4] as well as a step girl named Kría.

His influences include John Bonham, Keith Moon, Charlie Watts, Ginger Baker, Ringo Starr and Mitch Mitchell.[5] Jeremy Clarkson has been vocal of his drumming capabilities via Twitter, commenting "bloody hell, their [Sigur Rós] drummer's good".[6]

With Sigur Rós[edit]

Orri has recorded five studio albums with Sigur Rós: ( ) (2002), Takk... (2005), Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (2008), Valtari (2012) and Kveikur (2013) plus Hvarf/Heim (2007) where "Hvarf" contains studio recordings of previously unreleased songs.


Orri endorses Sabian cymbals and Vic Firth sticks and brushes. He has been using Sabian cymbals for years now, but he started using Gretsch drums live when Sigur Rós was about to go on the "Heima" tour in August 2006. Before that he almost exclusively used Premier drums. His main snare is a 14"x6.5" Ayotte, and his backup snare is a DW 14"x8". He uses 5A sticks and jazz brushes. Live he controls some of the bands "playback" sounds via Roland spd-s drum pads, and he plays Rhodes electric piano, Roland Juno 106 synth and then some soft synths via USB controller. Mid Kveikur tour 2013 Orri bought a new C&C Custom Drums set and has since become an endorsed C&C Custom drums player.

Live Gear[edit]

"Kveikur" 2013 tour

Drums - C&C Custom Drums

  • 26x14 bass drum (second)
  • 20x14 bass drum (main)
  • 13x9 rack tom
  • 16x16 floor tom
  • 18x16 floor tom
  • 6.5x14 6 ply Maple snare drum (Main)
  • 6.5x14 C&C 3 ply M,P,M snare drum (backup)
  • 6.5x14 Ayotte snare drum (Backup)

"Með Suð..." 2008 tour and "Valtari" 2012 - 2013 tour

Drums - Gretsch USA Custom

  • 26x14 bass drum (Second)
  • 18x18 bass drum (Main)
  • 13x10 rack tom
  • 16x16 floor tom
  • 5x14 snare drum (backup)
  • 6.5x14 Ayotte snare drum (main snare)
  • 8x14 DW snare (backup)

"TAKK" 2005-2006 tour

Drums - Premier Series Elite

  • 24x18 bass drum (Main)
  • 20x16 bass drums (second)
  • 14x12 rack tom
  • 18x16 floor tom
  • 6.5x14 Ayotte snare drum (main snare)
  • 8x14 DW snare (backup)


  • 18" “Virgil Donati” Signature Saturation Crash (used as top HiHat)
  • 18" AA El sabor Crash (used as Bottom HiHat)
  • 18" Custom Shop "prototype" Crash
  • 20" AAX Medium Crash
  • 20" Sabian Custom shop Flat Ride


  • Roland Spd-S Sampling pads
  • Fender Rhodes MarkII Electric Piano
  • Roland Juno 106
  • Racked soft synths with USB controller


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