Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show

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Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show (IGMS)
Author Orson Scott Card, Edmund R. Schubert
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction & Fantasy
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 432 pp
ISBN 0-7653-2000-2
OCLC 184823048

Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show (2008) is an anthology edited by Edmund R. Schubert and Orson Scott Card.

Originally published in paperback by Tor Books in August 2008,[1] It contains eighteen stories from Card's online magazine InterGalactic Medicine Show including four from Card set in his Ender's Game universe.

An audiobook version of the anthology released by Blackstone Audio in November 2008, which contains an additional "special audio-only bonus" story, Ender's Homecoming.[2]

Story list[edit]

The stories included in the anthology are:

  1. "In the Eyes of the Empress’s Cat" – Bradley P. Beaulieu
  2. "Mazer in Prison" – Orson Scott Card
  3. "Tabloid Reporter to the Stars" – Eric James Stone
  4. "Audience" – Ty Franck
  5. "The Mooncalfe" – David Farland
  6. "Cheater" – Orson Scott Card
  7. "Dream Engine" – Tim Pratt
  8. "Hats Off" – David Lubar
  9. "Eviction Notice" – Scott M. Roberts
  10. "To Know All Things That Are in the Earth" – James Maxey
  11. "Beats of Seven" – Peter Orullian
  12. "Pretty Boy" – Orson Scott Card
  13. "Respite" – Rachel Ann Dryden
  14. "Fat Farm" – Aaron Johnston, based on the story by Orson Scott Card
  15. "The Box of Beautiful Things" – Brian Dolton
  16. "Taint of Treason" – Eric James Stone
  17. "Call Me Mr. Positive" – Tom Barlow
  18. "A Young Man with Prospects" – Orson Scott Card

Additional story on the audiobook release:

  1. "Ender's Homecoming" – Orson Scott Card


Produced by Emily Janice Card and Stefan Rudnicki, the stories are narrated by J. Paul Boehmer, Richard Brewer, Cassandra Campbell, Emily Janice Card, Mark Deakins, Vanessa Hart, Don Leslie, Rosalyn Landor, Stefan Rudnicki, Mirron Willis and Orson Scott Card.[3][4]


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