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OrthoGraph Ltd
Developer(s) OrthoGraph
Stable release
10.0 / April 2015
Operating system IOS, iPad
Type CAD, Software, Surveying
Website Building surveying

The OrthoGraph product family is a building surveying/ floor plan creation software for iPad developed in Hungary. It handles both structured alphanumeric data, and measures and handles all drawings real time in 3D. Using the teamwork functionality the measured information can be shared among iPads using the Cloud service of the application.[1]

The standard output of the system can be DXF (AutoCAD), PDF (Adobe) IFC (Industrial Foundation Classes), JPG and PNG and it can be exported to ArchiCAD with the help of a separate ADD-ON.[2] During the measurement process, Leica and Bosch laser distance meters are supported to use, the measured data is transferred to the software via Bluetooth connection.[3]

OrthoGraph has several functionality that are unique on the market of the building surveying applications. The Sketch& Tap functionality instantly recognizes the sketches and converts them into walls. The application supports the creation of curved walls as well as measuring diagonals provides a mathematically precise outcome when the surveying is completed.

The application handles the sketched and measured building-model according to the BIM (Building Information Modeling)-concept. It means that it handles a hierarchical location-structure, every placed object has several properties, doors and windows have opening directions, and additionally there is the opportunity to add unique parameter fields with optional information. The system is developed by the Hungarian Company named OrthoGraph.

Company history[edit]

The story of OrthoGraph goes back to 2004 when the first version of the software was launched for PDA devices. In 2011, the iPad version of the app was released and this also meant that a new business model has been emerged. This new version was a major breakthrough both in technological and in business aspects. The company’s gathered experience had been a good background for developing the iPad application, so from the very first moment, the OrthoGraph became one of the top professional building surveying /CAD application on the market.

In 2013, a cooperation agreement has been established between OrthoGraph and Leica, the result of this collaboration was that now several Leica laser distance meter is supported by OrthoGraph, the measurements can be transferred to the app via Bluetooth connection.

In the second half of the year, the company decided to exploit the benefits of the mobile technology and the Internet and created their own cloud services. This new technology has made it possible that the first building surveying software that provides the opportunity of real teamwork was born.[4]

In the same year, the Bluetooth support of the Bosch GLM 100 C laser distance meter for OrthoGraph became available. For 2014, the number of OrthoGraph users reached 4,500. In August 2014, the OrthoGraph Architect App has been named the gold winner in App of the Year category and silver winner in the Most Innovative Product of the Year—SMB category in Best in Biz Awards 2014 International business awards program.[5]

Version History[edit]

  * 2011 – OrthoGraph Architect 3D for iPad - first iPad version
  * 2013 – launch of OrthoGraph Cloud 
  * 2014, December_ OrthoGraph 9.0 
  * 2015, April- OrthoGraph Architect 3D- 10.0


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