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The Orthodox Church in America Archdiocese of Canada is an archdiocese of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). Its territory includes parishes, monasteries, and missions located in eight provinces and territories in CanadaAlberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. The diocesan center is located in Spencerville, Ontario.

Seraphim (Storheim) was consecrated auxiliary bishop of Edmonton in 1987, and became ruling bishop of the archdiocese of Canada in 1990. He was elevated to Archbishop during the Spring Holy Synod meeting in March 2007.


The diocese is grouped geographically into six deaneries, each consisting of a number of parishes. Each deanery is headed by a parish priest, known as a dean. The deans coordinate activities in their area's parishes, and report to the diocesan bishop. As of 2011 the deaneries of the Archdiocese of Canada were:

  • Alberta Deanery
  • British Columbia Deanery
  • Manitoba Deanery
  • Ontario Deanery
  • Quebec Deanery
  • Saskatchewan Deanery

Allegations of sexual assault[edit]

On 5 October 2010, Seraphim (Storheim) stepped down for three months pending an investigation by Winnipeg police. A written report filed by a clergyman with the national church in fall 2008 alleged that Storheim had sexually assaulted two 10-year-old boys between 1984 and 1987. The New York headquarters of the church issued a press release in October 2010 saying that Storheim was being investigated after a complaint of "misconduct" from about 25 years before. It is also reported that Storheim sent a letter of apology to the two alleged victims.[1]

A preliminary hearing was held on 17 November 2011 to determine whether there was sufficient evidence for the case to proceed to trial; the archbishop pleaded not guilty. A court-ordered ban prevented specific details from being published.[2]

In October 2015, Storheim was demoted to a monk and resides at an OCA facility following his release from prizon.[3]


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