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Description orthology inference among 1000 complete genomes.
Laboratory ETH Zurich
Authors Christophe Dessimoz, Adrian Schneider, Adrian Altenhoff, Gaston H. Gonnet
Primary citation Altenhoff et al.[1]
Release date 2004
Website http://omabrowser.org
Download URL http://omabrowser.org/All/download.html
Web service URL wsdl
Data release
2 releases per year

OMA (Orthologous MAtrix) is a database of orthologs extracted from available complete genomes.[1]

The orthology predictions of OMA are available in several forms:

  • OMA Pairs: for a given gene, a list of predicted orthologs in other species is provided.
  • OMA Groups: a set of genes across different species which are all orthologous.
  • OMA Hierarchical Groups: the set of all genes that have evolved from a single ancestral gene in a given taxonomic range.
  • OMA Genome Pair view: the list of all predicted orthologs between two species.

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