Ortler Alps

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Ortler Alps
Italian: Gruppo dell'Ortles-Cevedale
German: Ortler-Alpen
Ortler Alps
Highest point
Elevation3,905 m (12,812 ft)
Coordinates46°30′32″N 10°32′42″E / 46.50889°N 10.54500°E / 46.50889; 10.54500
CountriesItaly and Switzerland
Range coordinates46°27′N 10°37′E / 46.450°N 10.617°E / 46.450; 10.617Coordinates: 46°27′N 10°37′E / 46.450°N 10.617°E / 46.450; 10.617
Parent rangeSouthern Limestone Alps
Borders onLivigno Range and Adamello-Presanella

The Ortler Alps (Italian: Ortles-Cevedale [ˌɔrtlestʃeveˈdaːle]; German: Ortler-Alpen) are a mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps mountain group in the Central Eastern Alps, in Italy and Switzerland.


The Ortler Alps are separated from:

  1. the Livigno Range in the north-west by the Stelvio Pass and the Adda River valley (Valtellina)
  2. the Adamello-Presanella range in the south by the Tonale Pass
  3. the Ötztal Alps in the north-east by the upper Adige valley (Vinschgau).

The part west of the Gavia Pass is also called Sobretta-Gavia Group.

The Ortler Alps are drained by the rivers Adda, Oglio, Adige and its tributary Noce.

A panoramic view from Monte Vioz
Highest trench in history near the Ortler's peak, 1917


The main peaks of the Ortler Alps are:

Peak (Italian) (German) metres feet
Ortles Ortler 3,905 12,811
Gran Zebrù Königspitze 3,857 12,655
Monte Cevedale Zufallspitze 3,774 12,382
Monte Zebrù 3,735 12,254
Palón della Mare 3,705 12,156
Punta San Matteo 3,692 12,113
Monte Vioz 3,645 11,959
Punta Thurwieser Thurwieserspitze 3,641 11,946
Pizzo Tresero 3,602 11,818
Cima Vertana Vertainspitze 3,541 11,618
Punta dello Scudo Schildspitze 3,461 11,355
Punta delle Bàite Tuckettspitze 3,458 11,346
Cima Sternai Hintere Eggenspitze 3,443 11,296
Gioveretto Zufrittspitze 3,439 11,283
Cima Venezia Veneziaspitze 3,384 11,103
Croda di Cengles Tschenglser Hochwand 3,378 11,083
Monte Confinale 3,370 11,057
Corno dei Tre Signori 3,360 11,024
Punta Beltovo di Dentro Hintere Schöntaufspitze 3,325 10,909
Monte Sobretta 3,296 10,814
Orecchia di Lepre Hasenöhrl 3,257 10,686
Monte Gavia 3,223 10,574
Piz Umbrail (Romansh) 3,033 9,951
Piz Dora 2,951 9,951
Piz Lad (Romansh) 2,882 9,455
Ortler Alps viewed from 10,000 metres

Mountain passes[edit]

The main mountain passes of the Ortler Alps are:

Mountain pass location type elevation
m ft
Hochjoch Sulden to the Zebrù valley snow 3536 11,602
Vioz Pass Santa Caterina Valfurva to Peio snow 3337 10,949
Königsjoch Sulden to Santa Caterina snow 3295 10,811
Cevedale Pass Santa Caterina to Martell snow 3271 10,732
Eissee Pass Sulden to Martell snow 3133 10,279
Passo del Zebru Santa Caterina to the Zebrù valley snow 3025 9925
Sallentjoch Martell to Bagni di Rabbi snow 3021 9913
Sforzellina Pass Santa Caterina to Peio snow 3005 9859
Tabarettascharte Sulden to Trafoi footpath 2883 9459
Stelvio Pass/Stilfserjoch Trafoi to Bormio road 2760 9055
Gavia Pass Santa Caterina to Ponte di Legno road 2637 8651


The Ortler Alps were part of the Italian front during World War I. In this area, the Austro-Hungarians and the Italians dug in during a trench war fought at altitudes above 3,000 m (10,000 ft) for most of the war. Some trenches are still visible today, and war relics continue to be found in the area.

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