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Modern-day road to Ortley, Oregon (private property)

Ortley is a former town in Wasco County, Oregon, in the United States.[1] It was about 1 mile (2 km) south of Rowena and about 7 miles (11 km) southeast of Mosier;[2] the site is now on private land and no evidence of the townsite exists today.[3] It is still classed as a populated place by the USGS.[1]


Ortley was originally developed by the Hood River Orchard & Land Company[citation needed] which filed a plat for the townsite in 1911, naming it for the 'Ortley', a variety of apple.[4] The company sold town lots and small orchard parcels, and Ortley quickly grew to a population of 300.[5] The community included a post office,[4] several shops and a hotel.[citation needed] However, the land proved unsuitable for apple production because of the prevailing high winds and scarcity of water.[citation needed] By 1922, the town was all but abandoned,[citation needed] and in that year the post office closed.[4]

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