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The Orton Cone Box Show is a biennial ceramic art exhibition for small work that started in Indiana, United States and is now held in Kansas, United States. It is open to submissions from across the world. The show's title is taken from the constraint on submissions, which must fit within the box in which Orton's pyrometric cones are shipped, 3" x 3" x 6" (approx. 75 mm x 75 mm x 150 mm.)

Submissions are adjudicated by up to four recognized members of the ceramics community within the United States, and exhibited during following year's the conference of the US National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts.

Dates & locations[edit]

1975, Purdue University
1977, Kansas University
1979, Kansas University[1]
1994, Baker University
1996, Baker University
1998, Baker University[2]
2000, Baker University
2002, Baker University[3]
2004, Baker University[4]
2006, Baker University[5]
2008, Baker University[6]
2010, Lawrence Arts Center[7]
2012, Lawrence Arts Center

Shows from the 1990s[edit]

The show experienced a period of inactivity following the departure of Bill Bracker from Kansas University shortly after the third show. In 1993 Inge Balch, Professor of Art at Baker University, Kansas, asked Bracker for his blessing to revive the show.

With the support of both Orton and the University the fourth show opened in 1994 at the Holt-Russell Gallery at Baker University. Work from potters from several countries have been exhibited. Subsequently the Cone Box Show has become a biennial event.


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