Oruç Bey

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Oruç Bey
Era Ottoman Empire
Religion Islam
Main interest(s) Ottoman history
Notable work(s) "Oruç Bey Tarihi" ("The History of Oruç Bey")

Oruç Bey was a 15th-century Ottoman historian.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Almost nothing is known from his personal life. Based on the information in the intro of his chronicle, it is believed that he was a clerk born in Edirne and that his father was a silk manufacturer.


Oruç Bey's work is called Oruç Bey Tarihi ("The History of Oruç Bey"), sometimes named similarly to other Ottoman chronicles "Tevarih-i Al-i Osman" (History of the house of Osman). It is written in Ottoman Turkish and describes the Ottoman history till Hegira 907 (anno1501/1502). His chronicle is considered as an important source for the history of the early Ottoman Empire.


  • Franz Babinger, Berlin, "Die frühosmaischen Jahrbücher des Urudsch"

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