Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha

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Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha
Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha Theatrical release poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byShafi
Produced byAllwyn Antony,
Gijo Kavanal,
Sreejith Ramachandran,
Dr. Zachariah Thomas
Screenplay byBinju Joseph,
Sunil Karma
StarringBibin George,
Prayaga Martin
Music bySahid Ahmed
CinematographyVinod Illampally
Release date
20 July 2018

Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha (English: An Old Bomb Story) is a comedy film origionally released in Malayalam. It was directed by Shafi and written by Binju Joseph, Shafi, and Sunil Karma. The film stars Bibin George and Prayaga Martin. It was produced by Allwyn Antony, Gijo Kavanal, Sreejith Ramachandran and Zachariah Thomas under United Global United Media.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


The film begins in Bombay with police officers chasing Rudra Nayak, a dangerous terrorist who has been branded as a Maoist. However, his group escapes and secretly arrives in Kerala. The film then introduces Sreekutan (Bibin George) who is a handicapped mechanic, whose best friend, Bhavyan (Hareesh Perumanna), is also a mechanic.

Sreekuttan falls for Shruti (Prayaga Martin) and attempts to woo her with his charm. Unfortunately, Shruti doesn’t reciprocate, which leaves him devastated. One day Sreekutan and Bhavyan receive a call to fix a car. The duo trick the car owner to get more money out of him. Little did they know that the car owner is the new police inspector in town, Rajendran (Kalabhavan Shajohn). When Rajendran realizes that he has been tricked he gets back at Sreekuttan and Bhavyan and manages to get his money back. Due to this incident, Sreekuttan is unable to pay medical bills for his father (Indrans), who later passes away. This incident infuriates Sreekuttan.

He sets out to confront the policeman, which leads to a fist fight that Sreekutan loses. This series of events makes Sreekutan so angry that he vows vengeance on the cop. In a disturbed frame of mind, he decides to plant a bomb in the cop’s car with the help of his old friend Unni (Vishnu Unnikrishnan) who is serving jail time for a bombing incident.

Though initially reluctant, Unni later agrees to help him make the bomb. He refuses to make it by himself as he promised his mother that he would not make any more bombs. Sreekuttan’s intention was to hurt the policeman so that he could bear the same pain as him, but Bhavyan’s intentions were different and he secretly asks Unni to create a deadly omb that would kill the Inspector instead of only hurting him. Amidst all this Rudra Nayak seeks refuge in the village.

One night, while the duo enter Rajendran's house and plant the time bomb in his jeep, Rajendran enters the jeep. Sreekuttan sets the time to 45 minutes. They briefly follow the jeep, but then lose it. Rajendran goes to Rudra Nayak's hideout from where he escaped and seizes their weapons. On his way back, he sees Bhavyan standing near his bike with a bottle of alcohol while Sreekuttan is urinating in the bushes. Rajendran dislikes those who drink, as a result, he arrests Bhavyan and takes him to the police station in his jeep. All this time the timer is ticking away. With just a few minutes before the bomb is set to explode, Bhavyan tries to escape using a number of excuses, but fails to do so. The bomb is deactivated when the jeep gets jammed in a gutter allowing Bhavyan to get away. When Sreekuttan realizes that the bomb, didn’t explode he comes up with another plan. He decides to thrash the policeman.

One night, while Rajendran is driving back home, he receives a warning from his superior that Rudra Nayak has threatened to kill him. Amidst all this, Sreekutan sets his plan in motion. He placed a sack on Rajendrans' route. Spotting the suspicious sack, Rajendra investigates, which is when he hears some noises coming from the jungle nearby. He decides to follow the noise and goes deeper into the jungle, where Sreekutan and Bhavyan await. As soon as Rajendra is in range, Sreekutan throws chilli powder at him, blinding him. Sreekutan and Bhavyan then tie him up, beat him brutally and throw him in the well. Immediately after the incident, they both feel guilty and take Rajendran to the hospital. When Rajendran regains consciousness, he thinks that he was beaten up by Rudra Nayak and was saved by Sreekutan and Bhavyan. Rajendran thanks them and apologizes for beating Sreekuttan. Thus, Sreekuttan accomplishes his mission.

Shruti then meets him and apologizes for behaving rudely. She thanks him for saving her father Rajendran. She walks away indicating her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Rudra Nayak attacks the police station with his gang and takes back their weapons. He accidentally chooses the jeep with the bomb while trying to escape. On their way, the bomb explodes,killing Rudra Nayak and his group.



Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha was released in India on 20 July 2018.[7]


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