Orvieto Funicular

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Orvieto Funicular
Stazione funicolare Orvieto.jpg
The lower station
Type Funicular
Line length 580 metres (1,903 ft)
Track gauge 1,445 mm (4 ft 8 78 in)[1]
Looking up the funicular
Looking down the tunnel under the ramparts

The Orvieto Funicular (Italian: Funicolare di Orvieto) is a funicular railway in the Italian city of Orvieto. It connects the railway station with Piazza Cahen in the city centre, which is situated on a volcanic rock 157 metres (515 feet) above the station. The line passes through the rampart, which surrounds the city centre, in a tunnel.[2]

The line was originally built in 1888, and took the form of water-ballast counterbalanced funicular. This line was in use until 1970, when it was abandoned. Twenty years later, in 1990, a new electrically hauled funicular was built on the route of the old.[2]

The cars of the new line are unmanned, and the whole line is controlled by a single controller in the upper station. The line operates every 15 minutes, or more frequently if traffic demands it. It has the following parameters:[2][3][4]

Number of stops 2
Configuration single track with passing loop
Track length 580 metres (1,903 ft)
Rise 157 metres (515 ft)
Average gradient 28%
Number of cars 2
Maximum speed 6 metres per second (19.69 ft/s)
Average travel time 116 seconds
Capacity 75 passengers per car

At the upper station, the funicular connects with two routes operated by electric minibuses that serve the city centre.[4]

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