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GenreScience fiction
Location(s)Portland, Oregon
CountryUnited States

Orycon is Portland, Oregon's annual science fiction/fantasy convention, held in November since 1979.

Event history[edit]

Event Dates Guests Attendance Notes
OryCon 0 Nov 11, 1978 No GOHs ~125 The Symposium
OryCon Nov 9-11, 1979 John Varley (Pro), Steve Perry (TM) & Richard Geis (Fan) 525
OryCon '80 Nov 14-16, 1980 Fritz Leiber (Pro), Steve Perry (TM) & Elton Elliott (Fan) 1,010
OryCon '81 Oct 30-Nov 1, 1981 Frederik Pohl (Pro), Steve Fahnestalk (TM) & Kennedy Poyser (Fan) 965
OryCon '82 Nov 12-14, 1982 Robert Silverberg (Pro) & Jeff Frane (Fan) 979
OryCon 5 Nov 11-13, 1983 Octavia Butler (Pro), Terry Carr (TM) & Wilson Tucker (Fan) 937
OryCon '84 Nov 9-11, 1984 Reginald Bretnor (Pro) & Steve Perry (TM) 424 "The Relaxicon"
OryCon '85 Nov 8-10, 1985 Somtow Sucharitkul (Pro), Steven Barnes (TM), William Rotsler (Artist) & Jon Singer (Fan—chosen by lot) 889
OryCon '86 Nov 7-9, 1986 Edward Bryant (Pro), George R. R. Martin (TM) & Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Editor) 873
OryCon '87 Nov 13-15, 1987 Tim Powers (Pro), Michael P. Kube-McDowell (TM) & Ben Yalow (Fan) 954
OryCon 10 Nov 11-13, 1988 Lucius Shepard, John Varley, Connie Willis (Pros) & Mona Clee (Special Petrey Guest) 973
OryCon 11 Nov 10-12, 1989 Michael Bishop (Pro) & David Langford (Special Guest) 1,069
OryCon 12 Nov 9-11, 1990 Howard Waldrop & K. W. Jeter (Pros) 1,055
OryCon 13 Nov 8-10, 1991 Emma Bull & Will Shetterly (Pros) 1,196
OryCon 14 Nov 20-22, 1992 Esther Friesner (Pro), James Warhola (Artist) & Steve Forty (Fan) 1,342
OryCon 15 Nov 12-14, 1993 Terry Pratchett Pro), Mark Ferrari (Artist) & Robert Lionel Fanthorpe (Special Guest) 1,358
OryCon 16 Nov 11-13, 1994 Tappan King (Pro), Beth Meachem (Editor), Real Musgrave (Artist) & Pat Cadigan (Special Guest) 1,451
OryCon 17 Nov 10-12, 1995 Joel Rosenberg (Writer), Heather Hudson & Dameon Willich (Artists), Kristine Kathryn Rusch
& Dean Wesley Smith (Special Guests)
OryCon 18 Nov 8-10, 1996 Diane Duane & Peter Morwood (Writers), Patricia Davis (Artist), Gardner Dozois (Editor) 1,624
OryCon 19 Nov 7-9, 1997 Steven Barnes (Writer), Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden (Editors), Frank Lurz (Artist) 1,600
OryCon 20 Nov 13-15, 1998 Lois McMaster Bujold (Writer), Ellen Asher (Editor), David Langford & Howard Waldrop (Returning GOHs),
Kathe Koja (Special Petrey Guest), Alan Clark (Artist), Robert Lionel Fanthorpe (Special Guest)
OryCon 21 Nov 12-14, 1999 Néné Thomas (Artist), Warren Lapine & Angela Kessler (Editors), Nicola Griffith (Writer), Charles Sheffield
(Science), Bill Bowers (Fan)
OryCon 22 Nov 17-19, 2000 Kara Dalkey & John Barnes (Writers), Gordon Van Gelder (Editor), Dr. Robert Forward (Science), Gail Butler
(Artist), Larry Warner (Music), Richard Dansky (Gaming)
OryCon 23 Nov 9-11, 2001 Melanie Rawn (Writer), Laura Anne Gilman (Editor), Real Musgrave (Artist), Steve Macdonald
(Special Friends of Filk guest)
OryCon 24 Nov 22-24, 2002 Susan R. Matthews (Writer), Lee Seed (Artist), Martin H. Greenberg (Editor)
OryCon 25 Nov 14-16, 2003 Nina Kiriki Hoffman (Writer), Ken Goddard (Science and Author), Toni Weisskopf (Editor),
Martin Greenberg (Editor), Gail Butler (Artist), Uffington Horse (Friends of Filk)
OryCon 26 Nov 5-7, 2004 Jerry Oltion (Writer), Mark Roland (Artist), Jennifer Heddle (Editor)
OryCon 27 Nov 4-6, 2005 Brian Herbert (Writer), Kevin J. Anderson (Writer), Paul Guinan (Artist), Tom Smith (Filk)
OryCon 28 Nov 17 - 19, 2006 Cory Doctorow (Writer), Chair Mary Olsen
OryCon 29 Nov 16-18, 2007 Robert Charles Wilson (Writer), Liz Scheier (Editor), Molly Harrison (Artist), Vic & Kelly
Bonilla (Media), Jonas Saunders (Fan), Peter S. Beagle (Filk)
OryCon 30 Nov 21-23, 2008 Harry Turtledove (Writer), Ginjer Buchanan (Editor), Jeff Fennel (Artist), Cecilia Eng
(Fan), Tricky Pixie (Filk)
OryCon 31 Nov 27-29, 2009 Patricia Briggs (Author), Lou Anders (Editor), Lubov (Artist), Jeff Hitchin (Fan), Chris
Lester(Filk), Chair Debra Stansbury
OryCon 32 Nov 12-14, 2010 P.N. Elrod (Author), Sharyn November (Editor), Chad Savage (Artist), Seanan McGuire (Filk),
Chair Tammy J. Lindsley
OryCon 33 Nov 11-13, 2011 E.E. Knight (Author), Scott Allie (Editor), Jim Pavelec (Artist), Tempest (Music), Chair Devlin Perez
OryCon 34 Nov 2-4, 2012 Mike Shepherd (Author), Jess Hartley (Editor), Vance Kovacs (Artist), Aaron Duran (Media), Michael Longcor (Music), Chair Tracy Penner
OryCon 35 Nov 8–10, 2013 Ann Bishop (Author), Liz Gorinsky (Editor), Jay Lake (Special), Matt Vancil (Media), Larry Elmore (Artist), Debs and Errol (Filk), Chair Lea Rush 1,632
OryCon 36 Nov 7–9, 2014 William F. Nolan (Author), Jason Andrew (Editor), Mark Roland (Artist), Jesse Lagers (Cosplay), Vixy & Tony (Music), Jay Lake (Ghost), Chair Devlin Perez
OryCon 37 Nov 20-22, 2015 Tanya Huff (Author), Alan M. Clark (Artist), Jason V. Brock (Editor), Ryan Wells (Cosplay), The PDX Broadsides (Music)
OryCon 38 Nov 18–20, 2016 David Weber (Author), Diana Gill (Editor), David Mattingly (Artist)
OryCon 39 Nov 17-19, 2017 Timothy Zahn (Author), Sarah Clemens (Artist), David Boop (Editor), Solovox (Musical), Brichibi Cosplay (Cosplay)
OryCon 40 Nov, 2018
OryCon 41 Nov, 2019
OryCon 42 Nov 12-14, 2021 Phil Foglio and Kaja Foglio (Artists), A. Lee Martinez (Author)

The one-day Symposium in 1978 was held at Portland State University. OryCon was held at the Lloyd Center Sheraton in 1979, at the Portland Hilton 1980-83 and 1985, at the Portland Cosmopolitan Hotel in 1984, at the Red Lion/Lloyd Center (formerly the Lloyd Center Sheraton) in 1986, at the Red Lion/Doubletree Columbia River Hotel from 1987 to 2003, at the Marriott (waterfront downtown) from 2003 to 2008, at the Red Lion/Lloyd Center beginning 2009.


Orycon promotes science fiction and fantasy works of all kinds.

There are many panels and workshops discussing topics from how to write a great science fiction novel to current events in science, as well as numerous filk sessions and concerts. Some of the recent panel topics have included:

  • Writing
    • When is enough research too much?
    • How to write about something you don't really know about
    • Using Your Imagination to Write and Draw
    • Inventing Languages: Alien Linguistics
    • Balancing Writing with Family/Real Life—Deadlines vs. diapers
  • Current events
    • What impact does technology really have on history
    • Murdering stemcells and frankenfood: modern biology and the far left and right
    • The web in 2015 - a look ahead
    • The rest of the world's last year in space/Japanese Space Program. What they've done, what they are doing, what they have planned.
  • Costuming
    • Making an original costume: What you need to get started
    • Fabric manipulation-How to twist, dye, stitch, fold, pleat and otherwise bully your fabric into submission
    • Period costumes beyond Victorian and medieval: Why don't we see more eras?
    • Costuming 101: Pattern bashing for beginners
  • Art
    • Art Jam - Everybody Draws
    • Selling the Offspring: Your Emotional Investment in Your Art and How Much do You Charge for It?
    • The Business of Art
    • My inspiration - My art: Why I did what I did

The Susan C Petrey Scholarship Fund Auction awards scholarships to the Clarion Science Fiction Writers' Workshop (both in the East and West)

The Endeavour Award[edit]

The Endeavour Award is presented to a distinguished science fiction or fantasy book written by a Pacific Northwest author or authors and published in the previous year.

Finalists for 2012
  • Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake (Tor)
  • City of Ruins by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Pyr)
  • River Marked by Patricia Briggs (Ace)
  • Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson (Doubleday)
  • When the Saints by Dave Duncan (Tor)
2011 Winner

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