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Orya Maqbool Jan
Born (1952-01-07) 7 January 1952 (age 69)
Nationality Pakistani
Alma materUniversity of Balochistan
OccupationCivil servant, columnist
OrganizationAl Ilm Trust
TelevisionHarf E Raaz
RelativesHaji Sarmad Mehmood Abbasi (brother)
Websitehttp://www.alilmtrust.com Official website
Orya Maqbool Jan
YouTube information
Years active2018–present
Subscribers477K subscribers
(October 2020)
Total views33,824,787
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers 2019

Updated: 17 October 2020

Orya Maqbool Jan (اوریا مقبول) is a Pakistani[1] columnist, and former civil servant.[2][3][4] He appears currently as an analyst on Neo News show Harf e Raaz.[5]

Jan has been repeatedly criticized for being an extremist.[6][7][8][9][10] Orya came to light in 2016 when he complained about the Pakistani women's cricket team.[11]

Banned from Norway[edit]

In 2018 he was banned from visiting Norway after a video of his was seen where he called for opposition to Ahmadis and Jewish Lobby. [12]

Links with Pakistan Army[edit]

He is known as a supporter of Pakistan Army. After the appointment of General Qamar Javed Bajwa as Chief-of-Army Staff, Orya repeatedly claimed in his newspaper columns and Television appearances that Gen. Bajwa's appointment was directly ordered by Muhammad. He attributed this to a dream seen by a "spiritual person" Professor Shahzad from Karachi.[13] In an interview, he further stated that after revelation of his dream, the "spiritual" Prof. Shahzad was kidnaped by Pakistani intelligence agencies who brutally tortured him to the extent that he has since escaped to Dubai fearing life.[14]

Personal life[edit]

During an interview, Orya Maqbool Jan revealed that he had a love-marriage with student at college where he used to teach.[15]

He has one son and two daughters. All his children, including both daughters, are not foreign educated from UK and US.[16]


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