Orzeł bielik

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Orzeł bielik gold coins are a series of gold bullion coins of 999.9 purity, issued by the Polish National Bank. These coins were minted on the order of the President of the Polish National Bank on 12 June 1995. The reverse side shows a stylized silhouette of a white-tailed eagle and information about the sample and the weight of the coin. The obverse side bears the emblem of the Republic of Poland, the denomination, and date of minting. The edge is smooth. The coins are packaged in special plastic packaging. Each coin is accompanied by a certificate along with technical data, a number and a brief description.[1]

Available denominations are:

  • 50 zł weighing 0.1 ounces and a diameter of 18.0 mm
  • 100 zł - 0.25 oz, 22.0 mm
  • 200 zł - 0.5 oz, 27.0 mm
  • 500 zł - 1 oz (31, 10 g), 32.0 mm.