Osaka, Aichi, and the Gifu continuous torture-murder event

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The Osaka, Aichi, and the Gifu continuous torture-murder event was a series of torture-murder events, perpetrated by a group of boys, that occurred in three prefectures in Japan on September 28 and October 7, 1994.


The principal offenders were three boys, referred to as A, B, and C. A (19 years old at that time) caused an injury during a burglar in Aichi prefecture in August, 1994 and escaped to Osaka. There, he became acquainted with B (19) and C (18). Although seven other men and women were in their group, these three principal offenders committed repeated blackmail and rape.

Around 3:00 A.M. on September 28, the three attacked, robbed and abducted a 26-year-old unemployed man in Chuo-ku, Osaka. They held him for nineteen hours before strangling him with a belt. His remains were wrapped in a blanket and abandoned in Yamanaka.

Two men were robbed and abducted at midnight, October 7, and two men were assaulted with an iron pipe and murdered in the Nagara river area of Gifu. Remains were discovered in the same place the next day.

Another man escaped the boy group. After he went to the police, the group was placed on the wanted list on October 12. Most of the group was arrested on January 18, 1995, in Osaka.


  • 「殺人百科データーファイル」(新人物往来社)