Osaka Denwa

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General Information Service Co.
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1996
Headquarters Osaka, Japan
Key people
, President & Chairman
Products Telephone

Osaka Denwa is a Japanese telecommunication operator that was started by General Information Service Co.(GISCO) in April 2000. GISCO had been doing Vietnam related business like visa arrangement and consulting for investments. It is said[who?] that GISCO started this telecom service to cut off its communication cost with Vietnam.

As of September 2007, Osaka Denwa has 3 services: one is switching based IDD service, 2nd one is also switching based and called "Kita" (North) which uses 2 step dialing service, and the 3rd one is full IP service using its PSTN Gate way and IP Phone. The 2nd service is the original Osaka Denwa service.

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