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Osaka Museum of History
Osaka Museum of History 20150921.jpg
General information
Address4-1-32 Ōtemae, Chūō-ku
Town or cityŌsaka, Ōsaka Prefecture
Coordinates34°40′57″N 135°31′15″E / 34.682628°N 135.520803°E / 34.682628; 135.520803Coordinates: 34°40′57″N 135°31′15″E / 34.682628°N 135.520803°E / 34.682628; 135.520803
Opened3 November 2001
Technical details
Floor count4 (Floors 7–10)
Official website

Osaka Museum of History (大阪歴史博物館, Ōsaka Rekishi Hakubutsukan) opened in Chūō-ku, Ōsaka, Japan in 2001. The former Osaka City Museum closed earlier the same year. Over four floors, the displays tell the history of the city from the time of the Former Naniwa Palace, located in the area now occupied by the museum. Remains of a warehouse, walls, and water supply facilities for the palace are also on view in the basement.[1][2] In 2005, the collection numbered some 100,000 objects.[3] By 2016, it had grown to 138,595 objects, while a further 17,632 items were on deposit at the museum.[4]

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