Osaka Prefectural Assembly

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Osaka Prefectural Assembly
The assembly hall is on the 2nd floor of the Osaka Prefectural Government Main Building[1]
Founded 1878 (1878) (edict on prefectural assemblies)
1947 (1947) (current local autonomy law)
Seats 109
Last election
April 2015

The Osaka Prefectural Assembly (大阪府議会, Ōsaka-fu gikai) is the legislature of Osaka Prefecture. As in all prefectures, it is elected to four-year terms by single non-transferable vote in multi- and single-member districts and is responsible for enacting and amending prefectural by-laws, approving the budget and important administrative appointments in the prefectural government, including the prefecture's vice governors. The assembly has a regular membership 88 members.

Current composition[edit]

The 2015 assembly election took place on 12 April 2015 as part of the 18th unified local elections. The Osaka Restoration Association, led by then-mayor Tōru Hashimoto, retained its position as the largest party in the assembly, but fell two seats short of the outright majority it had won in the April 2011 election.

As of 11 May 2016, the assembly was composed as follows:[2]

Composition of the Osaka assembly
Parliamentary group Seats
Osaka Restoration Association (大阪維新の会, Ōsaka Ishin no Kai) 43
Liberal Democratic Party and Independents (自由民主党・無所属, Jiyūminshutō/Mushozoku) 25
Komeito (公明党, Kōmeitō) 15
Japanese Communist Party (日本共産党, Nihon Kyōsantō) 3
Democratic Party (民進党, Minshintō) 1
Total (1 vacant seat) 88

Electoral districts[edit]

Changes to the electoral districts at the April 2015 election, there are 88 assembly members who are elected in 53 electoral districts, reduced from the 109 members who were elected at the 2011 election. Most districts cover one municipality or one ward of a designated major city (Osaka and Sakai), but some cover several wards or municipalities. The nine towns and one village within the prefecture are referred to by the district that they belong to.

Electoral districts of the Osaka Prefectural Assembly[3]
District Magnitude District Magnitude
within Osaka City Kishiwada City 2
Kita-ku 1 Toyonaka City 4
Miyakojima-ku 1 Ikeda City 1
Fukushima-ku and Konohana-ku 1 Suita City 4
Chūō-ku 1 Izumiōtsu City, Takaishi City and Senboku District (Tadaoka Town) 1
Nishi-ku 1 Takatsuki City and Mishima District (Shimamoto Town) 4
Minato-ku 1 Kaizuka City 1
Taishō-ku and Nishinari-ku 2 Moriguchi City 1
Tennōji-ku and Naniwa-ku 1 Hirakata-shi 4
Nishiyodogawa-ku 1 Ibaraki City 3
Yodogawa-ku 2 Yao City 3
Higashiyodogawa-ku 2 Izumisano City and Kumatori Town (of Sennan District) 1
Higashinari-ku 1 Tondabayashi City, Ōsakasayama City and Minamikawachi District 2
Ikuno-ku 1 Neyagawa City 2
Asahi-ku 1 Kawachinagano City 1
Jōtō-ku 2 Matsubara City 1
Tsurumi-ku 1 Daitō City and Shijōnawate City 2
Abeno-ku 1 Izumi City 2
Suminoe-ku 1 Minoh City and Toyono District 2
Sumiyoshi-ku 2 Kashiwara City and Fujiidera City 1
Higashi-Sumiyoshi-ku 1 Habikino City 1
Hirano-ku 2 Kadoma City 1
Sakai City Settsu City 1
Sakai-ku 1 Higashiōsaka-shi 5
Naka-ku 1 Sennan City, Hannan City, Tajiri Town and Misaki Town (of Sennan District) 1
Higashi-ku and Mihara-ku 1 Katano City 1
Nishi-ku 1
Minami-ku 2
Kita-ku 2


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