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Osaka Prefectural Assembly
The assembly hall is on the 2nd floor of the Osaka Prefectural Government Main Building[1]
Founded 1878 (1878) (edict on prefectural assemblies)
1947 (1947) (current local autonomy law)
Seats 109
Last election

The Osaka Prefectural Assembly (大阪府議会 Ōsaka-fu gikai?) is the prefectural legislature of Osaka. As in all prefectures, it is elected to four year terms by single non-transferable vote in multi- and single-member districts and is responsible for enacting and amending prefectural by-laws, approving the budget and important administrative appointments in the prefectural government, including the (in Osaka: three) vice governors.

The assembly has a regular membership of 109 (including vacant seats that are filled in by-elections), but will be cut to 88 members beginning with the next general election of the assembly.

If the Osaka Metropolis plan is implemented (scheduled by the majority Osaka Restoration Association for 2015), the assembly will gain additional usually municipal responsibilities for the area of the dissolved municipalities (if approved in the respective municipal referendums: Osaka City, Sakai City and several surrounding cities) – similar to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly that has some municipal authority in the area of dissolved Tokyo City in addition to its usual prefectural authority for all of Tokyo.

Current composition[edit]

The 2011 assembly election took place on 10 April 2011 as part of the 17th unified local elections. The party of then Osaka governor Tōru Hashimoto (now mayor of the prefectural capital Osaka City) won an outright majority.

As of May 17, 2013 the assembly was composed as follows:[2]

Composition of the Osaka assembly
Parliamentary group Seats
Osaka Restoration Association (Ōsaka Ishin no Kai) 56
New Komeito (Kōmeitō) 21
Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (Jiyūminshutō) 14
Democratic Party of Japan – Independent Net (Minshutō・Mushozoku Net) 9
Japanese Communist Party (Nihon Kyōsantō) 4
Your Party (Minna no Tō) 1
Fumin Club ("[Prefectural] Citizens' Club") 1
Total (3 vacant seats) 109

Unless a recall referendum, a no-confidence vote against the governor or a supermajority decision by the assembly lead to early elections, the next general election is expected to be held in April 2015 as part of the 18th unified local elections.

Electoral districts[edit]

The currently 109 members of the assembly are elected in 62 electoral districts. Most districts cover one municipality or one ward of a designated major city (Osaka and Sakai), but some cover several wards or municipalities or one of the former counties – abolished as administrative units in 1921, but still used as geographical and statistical units, e.g. in postal addresses. In the next election, the total number of seats will be reduced to 88 while the electoral districts remain unchanged; the new district magnitude valid in the next election is given in parentheses. Several multi-member districts will become single-member districts where the single non-transferable vote is equivalent to first-past-the-post.

Electoral districts for the Osaka assembly[3]
Osaka, Osaka and Sakai, Osaka Other areas of Osaka
Municipalities, wards
current (next election)
Municipalities, counties
current (next election)
Ōsaka-shi ("Osaka City") Kita-ku ("North ward") 1 Kishiwada-shi 2
Ōsaka-shi Miyakojima-ku 1 Toyonaka-shi 5 (4)
Ōsaka-shi Fukushima-ku 1 Ikeda-shi 1
Ōsaka-shi Konohana-ku 1 Suita-shi 4 (3)
Ōsaka-shi Chūō-ku 1 Izumiōtsu-shi and Senboku-gun ("Senboku county") 1
Ōsaka-shi Nishi-ku 1 Takatsuki-shi and Mishima-gun 5 (4)
Ōsaka-shi Minato-ku 1 Kaizuka-shi 1
Ōsaka-shi Taishō-ku 1 Moriguchi-shi 2 (1)
Ōsaka-shi Tennōji-ku 1 Hirakata-shi 5 (4)
Ōsaka-shi Naniwa-ku 1 Ibaraki-shi 3
Ōsaka-shi Nishi-Yodogawa-ku 1 Yao-shi 3
Ōsaka-shi Yodogawa-ku 2 Izumisano-shi 1
Ōsaka-shi Higashi-Yodogawa-ku 2 Tondabayashi-shi and Minami-Kawachi-gun 2 (1)
Ōsaka-shi Higashinari-ku 1 Neyagawa-shi 3 (2)
Ōsaka-shi Ikuno-ku 2 (1) Kawachi-Nagano-shi 1
Ōsaka-shi Asahi-ku 1 Matsubara-shi 2 (1)
Ōsaka-shi Jōtō-ku 2 Daitō-shi 2 (1)
Ōsaka-shi Tsurumi-ku 1 Izumi-shi 2
Ōsaka-shi Abeno-ku 1 Minoo-shi and Toyono-gun 2 (1)
Ōsaka-shi Suminoe-ku 2 (1) Kashiwara-shi 1
Ōsaka-shi Sumiyoshi-ku 2 (1) Habikino-shi 1
Ōsaka-shi Higashi-Sumiyoshi-ku 2 (1) Kadoma-shi 2 (1)
Ōsaka-shi Hirano-ku 2 Settsu-shi 1
Ōsaka-shi Nishinari-ku 2 (1) Takaishi-shi 1
Sakai-shi Sakai-ku 2 (1) Fujiidera-shi 1
Sakai-shi Naka-ku 1 Higashiōsaka-shi 6 (5)
Sakai-shi Higashi-ku and Mihara-ku 1 Sennan-shi 1
Sakai-shi Nishi-ku 2 (1) Shijōnawate-shi 1
Sakai-shi Minami-ku 2 (1) Katano-shi 1
Sakai-shi Kita-ku 2 (1) Ōsakasayama-shi 1
Hannan-shi 1
Sennan-shi 1


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