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Osakeyhtiö (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈosɑkeʔːˌyhtiø], "stock company"), often abbreviated to Oy, is the Finnish name for a limited company (e.g., Ltd, LLC, or GmbH).[1] The Swedish name is Aktiebolag, often abbreviated (in Finland) to Ab. The Swedish abbreviation is sometimes included, as in Ab Company Oy, Oy Company Ab, or Company Oy Ab. The abbreviations have been styled in many ways, such as Oy, OY, O.Y., or even O/Y. The English form is Ltd.

Julkinen osakeyhtiö[edit]

Julkinen osakeyhtiö (pl. julkiset osakeyhtiöt) means "public stock company" and is abbreviated to oyj (pronounced [oː yː jiː]). A julkinen osakeyhtiö can be listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The term's Swedish equivalent is Abp (publikt aktiebolag). An oyj may be called a public limited company or public company in English and may use the abbreviation PLC in the company name, for example.

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